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Does anyone else that frequents this site find the majority of the questions silly?

Asked by MarkHeftler (182points) August 18th, 2007 from iPhone

Serious question here; I feel as though the majority of the questions posed here don't actually fulfill the mission statement of this site. They're either easily answered with a simple google search or moderately asinine. And yet, I still find myself stopping by many times throughout the day. Agree, disagree?

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some yes some no but I enjoy reading them's fun either way

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i agree with the google idea that most answers can be found on google but you have to realize that alot of the users arent tech-savy enough to google things first

Also one in every 5 silly question turns out to be a really good question

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I think its also an outlet for people to communicate safely, I think there are lonely people out there that need the communication however inane the ?'s i see
What seem to be simple questions
and wonder why... But them i come home from a bar at 3 am and here I am:)

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Sure, you can get some dry answer out of google, but here you can get the "take" of ordinary people. I find fluther is at its best not for simple facts, but opinion, philosophy and wit. Especially when the comments are facts with a perceptive insight.

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True to all answers above. Some questions are fatuous, a blessedly few mean-spirited, some narcissistic. I often feel I can guess the age of the inquirer, but am then pleasantly surprised. The answers for the most part show thought and maturity. I have had useful help w. tech issues, gardening, health and beauty cooking, home repair, critter damage and money issues. Plus, I need reminding FTTT that I am not always right; and most importantly for me, I have made some new "unmet friends"....the writer, Carolyn Heilbrun's term.

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Even if a question is silly it makes you think. Keeping the brain active is stimulating and fun. I enjoy people as well as spouting off my own rattle. I like the simplicity of this site, even the visuals are simple. It's not animus as the internet can be and people are polite here. I like that too.

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As a relative newbie to the Fluther, I I find it less so here than on a much larger Q&A; site I've migrated from... I joined that site early in its Beta phase when it was fun and the population got to "know" one-another. But as the site drew more people in, the user population became more diverse (which could be good thing), but also younger and less considerate of each other. I found it more and more redundant and boring and went back less and less over time.

It is a Catch-22: you want the site to grow because it's a great site, but you wish there were a way to maintain the feel of a more intimate (for lack of a better term) "collective". It is a big challenge for the site administrators to face, and I don't envy them!

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this is why the "questions for you" feature is so great. The Fluther folks have created a system where if you click on that link in the upper right corner you only get the kinds of questions you're actually interested in (according to the interests you've listed in your profile, and the kinds of questions you've chosen to answer in the past).

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It's interesting that the usefulness of the questions doesn't directly correspond to the usefulness (or fun) of the site overall. The community is fun; learning random trivia is fun; like any other social web site, the site's "mission" is only a part of the experience.

I think this is why the Questions For You isn't my favorite part of the site. Just seeing questions you know the answer to isn't much fun.

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Just remember to click on "home" and you'll see what has arrived recently - I do that and find interesting subjects that I wasn't prepared to find interesting, if you know what I mean..

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It's also fun to go back to questions you haven't seen for awhile to see what's new on the thread.

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