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Any pointers on how to be the best candidate, for joining the California Highway Patrol?

Asked by sanbuu (94points) October 30th, 2008

Leaving the Military in Feb, and my dream is to serve the state of California.

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You do that when you ACAP, all sorts of government jobs are available. Are you gonna be a good cop or a bad cop?

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Here’s the info if you decide that you need the surgery. (That question disappeared.) And the CHP general recruiting site.

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Change your name to Ponch

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At Syz; Ponch would be a good nickname, but I want to make my own legacy.

At gailcalled; thanks for your info, it clears up many doubts for me.
At hoosier: I may be both, if need be.

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at Hoosier; sorry but I’m Air Force, ACAP won’t apply for me. I will see if AF does something similar.

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Oh, thanks for all the rides.

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