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My cheeseburger had a staple in it. What should I do?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) October 30th, 2008

I just got back from a brief visit to Waffle House. I ordered two of the cheeseburgers there, and in one of the last bites of the first burger, I “chewed” something that I thought was some kind of chicken bone (a possibility I would accept since they cook everything on one flat surface).

As I “chewed” to pull the object out, I got a feel for what it was… it began to feel more like a fingernail, which I would’ve been pissed at and left on the spot. When I pulled it out and looked at it, finding it was a chewed up staple, my girlfriend stopped mid-sentence and asked “Was that in your food?”

I said “I’m going to the bathroom for a moment then. Put your hand up and tell them what happened, please”.

The waitress took the staple and showed it to “the people working there”. When I came out of the restroom and sat down, my girlfriend said they came to her and said something pretty ridiculous: “It must’ve come from the manufacturer”.

I said “The f—- it did… that’s insane, we’re leaving”. My girlfriend stopped and said “Wait! They only comped your food, I still have to pay for mine”

“The hell you do”.

I walked up to the counter and the waitress stupidly said “It’s just $2 for the chili”. I looked at her like I was going to kill her, I guess, because the manager appeared and said “Oh no sir, the whole ticket’s comped… don’t worry about it”.

I said “Thank you”, and we left.

Anyway, maybe it’s my imagination, but I feel like the left side of my tongue might be swelling up. While I was talking to my girl on the drive home, I said “That’s wierd, I wonder if I bit my tongue somewhere along the way… oh wait, this is a dumbass moment, isn’t it?”

Then I looked in the mirror at my tongue. She said “I don’t get it? What’s a dumbass moment?”

“I bit into a staple earlier and now I feel like my tongue might be getting fatter… the fact that I don’t look at it before I die would imply I’m a dumbass”.

Anyway, I looked at it and it “seems” like it’s the same size as the other side of my tongue, but I do “notice” it slipping in between the teeth on that side as I speak out loud… it’s “noticable”.

Do you think something’s happening to me? I have no insurance, and I have never had a Tetanus Shot. What happens to me if, in the middle of the night, I can’t breathe? What can or should I do if I’m faced with that kind of problem as a result of the staple?

I’m not sure that’s the problem… it could be my imagination. I used to wrestle in barbed wire and get scratched by metal surfaces that have been standing probably longer than I have and never caught any kind of infection… so, I have reason to believe I could resist whatever this is… but, I’d like to have a plan just in case.

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I can’t help but wonder how the hell a staple finds its way into a cheeseburger.

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you might want to contact an attorney…

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I would say have someone else look at your tongue – if it is swelling then go to the emergency room at once. Even if you don’t have insurance, and this turns into something major, the cash part doesn’t matter because Waffle House should be paying for it anyways.

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I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

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Yes “should be paying for it”, but do you think the fact that I walked out relatively peacefully considering the events, or walking out without saying “I’m gonna sue Waffle House” somehow disqualifies me from pointing blame on them later?

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Also, no “bullshit” about it. Maybe I should take a picture? You think something like that shows up?

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I just have a hard time believing this stuff.

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Get a staple remover and eat the burger.

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1st things first: call up a friend who knows stuff about medicine and viruses and the like. someone with a degree. if you cant find someone like that, get someone to stay with you all night and if something happens (heaven forbid), they will call 911.

2nd: sue their ass. do you still have the staple? did it puncture your tongue? did it leave an impression? take pictures every few hours and indicate time, day, whether you took medication (if so, the dosage), the location, and get someone to verify that the details are correct, but not your girfriend, because she was there when you disovered the staple. she could be “in on it” from their perspective. include other variables that might affect your case. call an attorney for details on how to win this case. oh ya, dont drink alcohol. alcohol cleans the wound and can alter the effects of the staple and the infection.

3rd: once you confirmed with a lawyer that its possible to win this case, call the media. hopefully, with pressure, it wont happen again.

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Zack – The house is full of people… I’ve told a couple about it and they “can’t see anything different”. Which is basically what I thought too…

And no, I don’t have the staple. The waitress (disgusting) picked it up with her bare hand and probably threw it away. I also don’t drink alcohol, but I have been eating Mike and Ike candy.

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What should you do? Not dine at Waffle House. Ever.
P.S. Staples will never feel like chicken bone in your mouth, that was your dumbass moment. They are much harder and much sharper. And metal. Therefore they have a distinctive taste you would have noticed. And I don’t know what kind of funky nails you grow, but mine don’t have that kind of strength, texture or even remotely the same level of pliability.

As for your question, staples aren’t generally covered in the kind of germs that would really harm you.

@johnpowell: You go, home boy. I call bullshit like every other lovelocke post, too.

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I didn’t think trolls could actually exist on Fluther. Now I’m really confused why some of my questions get flagged because I have a typo in the topic…

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Oh noez.

Trolls are everywhere, kiddo. Beware of bridges.

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Dude it was a staple, not a piece of poo or a pube. It’s not like waffle house is known for their organic, home-made food. No offense but mass-produced food comes with it’s hazards.

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It’s the hazard of eating at a restaurant that buys frozen patties. I’ve pulled shards of metal out before, but never gone off the deep end about it. More than likely, it’s in your head.

My ex…the idiot…got a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. He was eating it and about halfway through, (I wasn’t there, but friends were) he yelled, loudly and pretty much tossed his cookies then and there. A roach (half eaten) was in his burger…he digested the other half. He was a complete nutcase about it, went to the hospital…I was home, thank God I wasn’t there and even brought the half eaten cheeseburger home and froze it to use as evidence. (THAT is pleasant to have in the freezer!)

What did McDonald’s do? They threw a small amount of money at him and oh, my favorite part….they sent him gift certificates! :)

Personally, I feel it’s a risk you take and more so of one when you dine at places that don’t watch out a little more for the quality of their food – that’s not to say that it’s never happened at a fine dining establishment, I’m sure it has.

Chill…get over it and don’t dine there again.

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@lovelocke: I am your fan even though your stories are extra long. I think it would be
prudent to have your tongue looked at. Lawsuit is out of the question with no evidence,

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Agreed with susanc. Get it checked out. The most you can do is rant to all your friends and get the word out about what happened (but even then, without evidence, people probably won’t believe you).

Not sure if I believe you, myself. I’m not a fan or a hater, BTW. I’m in between. A fater.

@cak – That is disturbing. Can we please not start talking about all the unfoodly things that get into food?

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@shadling: lawls, unfoodly.

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@shadling21…don’t worry, that’s the only scary food story I’ll share!

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I’m more concerned with why you’re wrestling in barbed wire.

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err on the side of caution my friend. You wont regret it. I had blood poisoning. Almost died.

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only a staple, life goes on, you didnt swallow it, forget it :)

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My dad found a 2 inch wood splinter in his Egg Mc Muffin bun once. It was the 70’s before we adopted an “I’m gonna sue you” mentality in this country.

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I agree with Johnpowell. There’s something wrong with you, but I doubt it has anything to do with a staple.

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I just bit into a cheeseburger with a staple in it from wendy’s. Wierd!!! What to do? I called them immediately, and they didn’t seem too concerned. I think they might send me coupons. I don’t know…

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This just happened to me at Donato’s, almost swallowed 7 staples and thankfully I didn’t!! I had to go the ER to make sure that I didn’t and they confirmed that I did not. How ever they did cut up my mouth. Donato’s just wanted to give me free food and I do not think that is going to happen!! I will not get rich of this, but they have to learn that you can not have staples over your work area!! Nor do I want to get rich of it. I do how ever want them to pay for my hospital bill.

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