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Do you think there is any basis for fact regarding any of the legendary creatures/monsters such as those listed in the details below?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22936points) October 31st, 2008

Bigfoot (Sasquatch), The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), The Abominable Snowman (Yeti), Mothman, Chupacabras, Jersey Devil, Ogopogo, and any others you might wish to include.

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There are a couple of creatures that fit these descriptions mentioned towards the end of the book of Job. The part where God talks to Job is where God is speaking of a couple of different creatures that you mention.

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So that would be a “no” then. Clearly there isno “factual” evidence for any of the things you mentioned, or they wouldn’t be religated to myth and legend. If you’re asking if I think it’s possible any of them exist then yes, I think it is certainly possible. We are still at a rather primary level if development and are constantly finding new organisms on earth (and particularily in the deep oceans of the world).

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No, I don’t think any of the legendary creatures you mentioned have any truth to them, no matter how far-fetched. However, I saw a TV show about primordial dwarfism, and it occurred to me that they could be the basis for legends of brownies, fairies, leprochauns, etc. They are so tiny, and have very elfish features. People in the old days wouldn’t know what to think of them.

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I think God created them at about the same time he created Santa Claus.

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They exist in everyone’s mind…just like God and Santa.

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@Skaggfacemutt; Yes! It’s known that in our less literacy days, like the dark ages. Stories were told from one person to the other. If one had seen something strange, bragging or exaggerating wasn’t uncommon. Today we still have people with an uncommon appearance, extra hairy, tree man, extra tall, extra little, deformed. Then to think of extinct or rare creatures…maybe even with deformations. Those stories would contain the wildest dreams…

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I never even heard of Jersey Devil or Ogopogo.

I kind of enjoy the idea of them.

I think if I were in a boat on Loch Ness the hair on my neck would stand up.

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@Bri L jersey devil is some stupid myth told in my area he evidently lives in the woods right by my house (Pine barrens) if you ever get a chance, watch the 13th child its about the jersey devil and its sooooooooooo horribly made that its funny.
Ive never heard of Ogopogo either, but after looking on wiki it seems like hes the loch ness monster just in another lake in canada.

Do i think any of these creatures are real? No. The only ones i can even give a little shard of possibility to are Ogopogo and loch ness just because the ocean is so vast that well we never know what we may find next down there.

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I don’t believe in any of them, but I secretly wish Nessie was real. It appeals to the dinosaur nerd in me.

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my feelings exactly asmonet

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It seems to me that any viable animal species would have to have a population. I don’t believe in the lone specimin idea. I mean, think about it. There can’t be just one Nessie, just one bigfoot. They would have to have a population to breed and have more. Now that we are talking about a population of any of these animals, the question arises as to why no one has ever found a dead one. That is what tells me that they are myths.

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@skaggfacemutt thats why i put more faith in the creatures of the ocean. I mean look at the coelacanth they were thought to be extinct for i dont even know how long and then one turned up. Turns out they can be found in most of the worlds oceans, just very endangered.

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I’ve never read or seen anything yet that would lead me to believe any of them are factual either though some of them do make for good storytelling. I just wondered what everyone’s opinions were on the subject.

Thanks for all the great input everybody.

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SHHHHHHHHHHH, asexual reproduction. It could happen. :’(

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@uber, I was looking around for something to share about the jersey Devil, and I came across this. I wonder if the artist is related to our beloved Astrochuck? the avatar looks similar, doesn’t it?

I live near the “Glowing Grave of Readington”, and I went to visit it with a friend one night. We discovered the secret of why it glows. these stories are fun to share. It’s almost a shame that some of them aren’t true.

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Why does it glow?

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well, we know more about space than we know about the depths of our oceans, which covers 70% of our planet. Even on land, there are still immense areas of land that have had little, if any, human exploration (all of northern Canada, for example). So, I don’t think it’s unlikely at all that there are things – even quite large animals – that we have not yet discovered. If any of those things correlate to any of the myths you mentioned, well who knows? I think many of those myths have some basis in reality, but that the stories are more a case of people’s imaginations running away with them. For example, in China there was a well known myth of a group of humans that lived in the trees in the mountains. Only about 40 years ago, they discovered the monkeys believed to be the basis of that myth. They really do look human though (quite large, very human looking faces, etc) – so it’s easy to see how someone could make that mistake and then that story gets repeated and embellished for a couple hundred years. VoilĂ ! A mountain tribe of tree dwellers.

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@ Thanks uber.

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@Bri L annnny time buddy :P

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Your list, with my answers in bold:Bigfoot (Sasquatch) nope, seen the footage, The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) nope – good story about how was created though, The Abominable Snowman (Yeti) maybe, Mothman ?, Chupacabras yes, sorta, Jersey Devil ?, Ogopogo ?, and any others you might wish to include Bar Rafaeli.

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