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Where can I find delicious diabetic meals?

Asked by maggiesmom1 (634points) November 14th, 2006
I need meals that are filled with flavor and not too difficult to prepare as I'm not a tremendous cook. Thanksgiving dishes would be extremely helpful
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There are a lot of recipes at
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But really there are no things diabetes can or can't eat; it's just easier to manage meals that have less sugar or starches (simple carbohydrates), so anything that's mostly protein (meat, dairy) and/or vegetables is usually best.
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(That should have been "diabetics")
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Um. . . actually, "diabetic" IS the correct adjectival form. Since the use of the word here is to modify "meals", "diabetic" is correct. "Diabetic's" would also have been correct if the intent was to use a possessive to describe the meals as those belonging to a single person with diabetes. "Diabetics'" would also have been correct if the intent was to use a possessive to describe the meals as those belonging to multiple persons or a group with diabetes. "Diabetics" is the only incorrect usage, as it is a plural noun, not an adjective or a possessive. "Diabetics" would only be correct if you were seeking persons with diabetes who are also delicious, of which I am indeed, one.
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Oops. Thought theabk's comment was correcting maggiesmom and didn't notice theabk was actually correcting his/her own use of "diabetes" instead of "diabetics". My bad. Sorry I parsed at you, theabk.
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Are you following the Glycemic Index diet? It is perfect for diabetics and is so easy. Best rule of thumb - "no whites." Use long-cook brown rice, KASHA (perfect food), lots of veggies grilled to perfection on a George Forman grill....and it's really easy! You stay full, it is healthy, and you will see your A1C go down, down, down!
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You should have emailed me! I can send you my data base of recipes on my ‘puter girl!

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