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How can I get mp4 videos off of my iPod?

Asked by eatmunky (358points) October 31st, 2008

My hard drive died and I lost all the movies I’ve made. I made some mp4s and put them on my ipod before that happened, though. I use Senuti for songs but it apparently can’t get movies off the ipod. Anybody know how to do this? Im on an intel based mac btw.

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Apparently it can rip movies and pictures in addition to music. When I had my 5G iPod, it worked great on music.

Note: the current version only works on iPods, but support for iPhone and iPod Touch coming soon.

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Couldnt you just go into the file system and manually grab your videos back off the iPod?

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@sndfreq: that looks awesome! I hadn’t found anything like that. Thanks.

@uberbatman: there’s a way to do it on windows.. you have to show hidden files then figure out which file is the movie (the name changes when its in the ipod) then copy and paste it into an explorer window to put it on your pc. But mac doesn’t have any capabilities like that… at least that i know of. Ipods are dumb in that you can only put things on them and delete them off of them. You can’t just grab things back again without some kind of hassle.

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LOL thats great, how is it that an apple product works better on Windows than it does on Mac ROFL

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@uberbatman: it’s easier to misuse the product on Windows than it is on Mac. I wouldn’t equate that with “working” better.

On a Mac, you’re trapped in the walled garden. Ooh! Some lilies.

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misuse? you mean taking YOUR files back off of YOUR mp3 player?

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Misuse as in “use other than intended.” Now don’t get me wrong, my ipod touch is jailbroken and i have used it for many things that apple wouldn’t approve of. I was merely highlighting the complications behind your statement that it “works better.”

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It does work better one windows.

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@tonedef i think it still applies, by default it works like that on windows, where as your jailbreaking was something extra you had to do to the iPod to allow it to work in this manner.

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