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any future updates or ideas for fluther?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 19th, 2007 from iPhone

does anyone know of any future updates or ideas in the making for fluther?

Does anyone here have any ideas?

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Check the blog, i think:

- edit button
- quote button
- windows mobile version
- desktop application?

So many ideas... :-)

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Oh! Oh! SMS posting... (woot!)
But it has to be international then...

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I had sent a suggestion with a sort of ranking system on great questions or great answers voted on by readers. Highest ranked questions would be highlighted, along with featured answer givers.

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1. add friends: an option to add friends and monitor questions what friends are asking
2. a temporary two-minute edit post option
3. block - there arent any major douches in this site yet - but they will eventually join this site. when they do we can be better prepared to block certain users.
4. NOTIFICATIONs - notify me when someone leaves a comment or when i get responses in the questions i am following section
5. themes- i like the fluher theme. but some people dont - my sister refused to get a fluther account because it looked %u201Ctoo childish%u201D to her
6. Forums/ Bulletins/ Message boards : since fluther is a collective community,there should be some way for the users to share their thoughts, broadcast messages to the whole community and so on
7. alot of people post questions that have already been asked because people dont bother searching (which needs to improve). So how about if after submitting a question, fluther andoes automatic search to display similar questions and asks the user if he still wants to go ask the question. This would save alot of time
8. a PODCAST - ben and andrew talking about the top questions of the week
we could call it FlutherNation

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The podcat is a great idea! I love podcasts.

Maybe fluther-users can call in via skype or send a email and it will be answerd in the show.

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For point 6 in mirza's list:
I saw on a forum if you type some keywords, a small bar appears wich says how many questions already have those keywords. You can do this with the title too.

A kind of mini-search...

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i agree with mirza's #7

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Recently I've noticed a LOT of activity on questions I am following (14 new responses). I think I'd like to see some method of showing me where the new ones start.

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I mean point 7 in mirza's list, sorry...

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