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What is the coolest/favorite scar you have, and the story behind it?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) October 31st, 2008

I have a scar in the making that I think I am going to enjoy. I jumped off my bed and onto a plug and it went completely in my foot. There was meat in the little holes and everything! Mmm… When I squeezed the holes open to clean it out I could see things I probably shouldn’t have… Ha.
The story is so much more fun when I tell it with my friend who was with me… You don’t have to read the following to answer the question, but here’s the whole story for my foot stabbing…

So I was on the bed with my friend, messing with the computer, and my son was in and out playing. Well he went into the doorway and did his irrisistable “come and get me” dance. So I decided to act goofy and got in a froggy position and froggy-hopped off my already high bed. I jumped right onto the baby monitor plug in and caught myself on my desk. I pulled the plug out of my foot then crumpled to the ground in an awkward position. I was cradling my foot and softly making up my own cuss words. My friend didn’t know what happened and she was really freaked out because she heard a crack. She came over and saw the blood then goes “Well… Let’s get this cleaned up.” Then comes in with a small handful of TOILET PAPER! Ha. I looked up at her and we both just started rolling on the floor laughing for about 20 minutes. I didn’t know if that was something I was supposed to go to the ER for, so I called my sister since she is a paramedic. I asked her how to treat a stab wound to the foot and she got a little worried for a sec. Ha. But I am healing up now… I coudn’t move my last two toes at first, but I can now. It’s still really achey but I think the scar will come out looking pretty fun. :)

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my brother stabbed me in the thumb.

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I have a scar on my heel from where a Cutco butcher knife went through it. And on the bottom of that heel is a dot scar where a piece of hook shaped glass went in and pulled heel fat out where it stayed just chiling. I named the fat Pepito,
I have a scar the size of a pencil eraser on my other foot where from my pool when I was a kid, I love it. It’s a dot on my foot. I dunno why but I like it.
Oh! And I recently acquired a new one, I have a nike check on my left thumb now because I almost cut it off at work using the paper slicer thing.
And I had a scar that just disappeared over 5–6 years covering my right thigh, in the shape of little red riding hood. My leg got trapped under a rusty merry-go-round when I was five or so and it essentially deli sliced my leg. That one was a talking point. But it’s perfect skin now, it just faded over time and now, no one can even see it.

It makes me think I’m Wolverine.

Too much information?

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haha no, not at all! Lurve it.

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Haha, thank you, darling. Yeah, butcher knife through the foot, I understand your foot stabbing. Mine was gross, I looked down and saw a five inch line on my foot, then it started pumping blood out in spurts, I ripped off my pants, wrapped it up tight, hopped up the stairs, cleaned it up, butterfly bandaged it and was good to go.

My mom thought I was insane, I waited another 6 hours for her to come home and then I just mentioned it as she was cooking, she couldn’t understand why a sixteen yr old would do that, I lol’d.

Oh yeah, and for about 10 years I had a ‘tattoo’ spot where my sister stabbed me in the knee with a BIC pen. She’s a lovely girl.

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We went camping at a park in southern California when I was about 13. My mom went to get groceries one morning and I decided to go skateboarding while she was gone. I started bombing a hill and got the “speed wobbles” and my wheel caught the deck and that was about all I could remember. I woke up in the back of a park rangers truck while they were patching me up. I don’t know how long I was out. This resulted in a nasty scar on my left hip.

When I was 20 I was bombing this hill on my skateboard. I hit a crack and was launched pretty far. I landed on the same place as the previous scar. This removed the previous scar. The amazing thing about this fall was that is was bad enough that nobody did the initial laugh before coming to help. I group of frat boys on the sidewalk ran up to see if I was alright.

The new scar looks like this.

And I know I am skinny, no need to point it out.

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Well most of my scares are bad ones, ones that remind me every time I look at myself, I did F***ed up good at some point. Every major scare on, or within, my body marks a life changing moment, of which I would love nothing more then to forget, but then I wouldn’t probably learn my lesson, maybe.

However, the closest thing I have to a “cool” scare I talk about is a small one on my right arm, near the elbo. When I was in 4th grade? Maybe 3rd? I don’t recall eactly anymore, I had a Blue Crayola Colored Pencil, I have just sharpened it in the brand new, super amazing, cutting edge technology, electric pencil sharpener. It was razor sharp, and I sat, alone, in the back of the room, then for no reason, even to this day, apparent to myself or others, I stabbed the Pencil clean through my arm. I remember feeling hit the bone, glance off, then come out the other side. I sat like that for about 10 seconds, then raise my hand calmly, and waited for the teacher to call on me.
The moment she saw the pencil, she flipped out, started screaming, I just calmly got up and tried to make it to the door, but then passed out. I woke up in the infirm, and got bandage up, got to go home, and stay home for a week! It was awesome!

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I am afraid I going to have a whopper of a scar that winds around the top of my hand and down my forearm like a snake.

My hand got entangled in some ropes/rigging 3 weeks ago while taking a limb down out of our tree.

It looks awful. I really hope it fades….

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@jp: Wicked.

@Snoopy: Got a pic?

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i was in 3rd grade and at recess we played british bulldog. the rule was, last one to the fence was it. i was the first one to the fence. i ran head first into an iron fence with barbed wire (the school was going through security issues). when the rest of the kids came out, my teachers called 911 and 2 ambulances and a firetruck arrived. i remember the paramedics bandaging my head, and the excruciating pain that came with it. i remember my sister, who was 2 years older, was bawling her eyes out, and i remember i gave her my carrots ((i had a snack)—i dont know why). i remember being lifted into the ambulance and oart of the ride. when i woke up in the hospital, the wound wasnt treated yet and i was lying in a bed, with my parents by my side. i ended up getting my head glued shut. apparently i lost a ridiculous amount of blood, something like 3/10 of the amount in my body. now i have a scar on my forehead, in the shape of a lightning bolt. the thing is, i hate harry potter.

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My right index finger has four distinct scars, all of which were my own fault. The best one is on the left side of my knuckle, about three quarters of an inch long. When I was twelve or so years old, I got the idea to cut open a tennis ball, fill it with strike-anywhere match heads and throw it at something to see it explode. I started to cut the ball open with a pocket knife, but I was holding it in such a way that when I applied pressure to it, it snapped closed and sliced my finger open. I bled all over the place; my mom tried to coax me into getting stitched up, but I let it heal itself.

It’s now developed into a stripe of scar tissue that’s totally numb to this day. :)

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@jtvoar16: sorry, dude, but I’m gonna have to call BS on that.

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Lots of girls dig harry Potter, go to a bookstore, you won’t be able to handle all the ass being thrown your way, Mtl_zack. :)

@strat: I almost said that. Thank god I’m not alone. :)

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I was 16-years-old and I cut the tendon on my pointer finger. It doesn’t sound too tragic, but I had to wear (honestly) a cast that went all the way up my arm so that the finger was totally imobilized. It was so embarrassing because the thing was huge, just for a cut. Anyway, I have a huge scar that makes my right pointer look like Gumby! Who would’ve guessed a cut tendon would require all that? I would love to share the story, but my papa is a Flutherite, and he doesn’t know the whole story. Some things are better left untold, even when you are 33-years-old. The best part of the scar is when I showed up at the ER to have the stitches taken out. How would I have known it wasn’t necessarily a good idea to show up there at 2 AM? The doc wanted to call the cops because I, along with about ten friends were there to get the stitches out and the cast off after curfew. Good times.

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I have many scars, but these 3 are my best stories:

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my aunt set up a badminton net in our yard. This involved pounding slim pointy metal spikes into the ground. You were then supposed to pound/bend the top of the spike over, so it’d be parallel to the ground…but she didn’t. I dove to make a save, and my right knee went straight down on the top of the spike. Oh. My. God. It hurt so freaking bad! It gave me a small slice scar that still gives me the chills when I look at it.

When I was 15, I had surgery to remove part of a lymph node in my neck for biopsy. I had it done under local anesthesia. Bad idea…it wore off in the middle of the procedure. During the week I was waiting for the biopsy results to see if I had cancer, my dad took me to see Terms of Endearment. Another bad idea! Then the wound became infected, and had to be sliced open and drained with NO anesthesia…worst idea yet! I call the resulting raised knot topped with an inch long slice my “Frankenstein” scar. No cancer, though!

I have a teeny-tiny circular scar on the inside of my right knee. No big deal, right? It came from being hit by a car! I was 15 (hey, what can I say? It was a bad year!) and walking across a 6 lane divided highway when it happened. The car hit me, spun me around and I fell to the pavement. I immediately jumped up, hopped to the median, and collapsed where I was surrounded by about 30 kids, blocking all the traffic. I never even saw the car. Cop said 1/2 step farther along, and I’d have been dead. Instead, all I had was a sprained knee. 6 weeks in a brace and crutches, and the only after effect is bursitis in the knee. The silver lining is that I was the second high-school student hit in that location in a year. As a result, there is now a stop light and a crosswalk there.

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@augustlan: Heh. You reminded me.

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@asmonet NO! dane cook!=funny…especially the jokes he stole from lewis ck

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@uberbatman: Ah, mention Dane Cook and you can count on someone to bring that up. There are only so many funny things in the world. They both have observational and situation based humor. They’re both funny men, and I have seen them both live. I wasn’t there when Dane Cook wrote his jokes, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Also, he let me grope him. So, you know. What’s a girl to do?

Plus, LCK has been pretty chill about it considering, I say we can drop it if he can be cool with it.

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@asmonet you cant just say there are only so many funny things to say, there are constantly new and original comedians. I think LCK is just trying to play it safe and not have a fight like mencia and rogan have going on. Thats pretty obvious from the video you posted.(the last line is the best) But fact of the matter is LCKs stuff was around much before Cooks.

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@uber: I think you took me a bit literally, with observational humor, well, I’m sorry but the toe thing with Demetri Martin for instance, is kind of common for everyone. With that style of humor is is exceptionally common for people to draw on. Honestly, I just don’t care if he stole it, either comedian is gonna make me laugh. And the delivery is different. It’s not really my concern , it’s for those two parties and their lawyers to figure out if they feel the need to. Until then, I’m gonna keep giggling at whatever.

My point about LCK, was that if he can be semi-classy while being the so-called victim, I can keep my mouth shut on the matter as well.

Consider this thread hijacked.

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Haha. is it weird that I find all the scar stories really cool and interesting?

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I have two that always make me smile when I see them:
1) A faint outline of a cigarette burn mark on the inside of my wrist that my best friend gave me about 15 years ago, when I tried to show the guy she fancied who she was, and she wasn’t very cooperative!
2) A hint of a “J” on my lower arm that I carved with a compass at school (it was originally OJR, but now all that’s left is the J).

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@wildflower- I did that too but on my ankle… and with a tack. Eek. Mine was a J, but I got a tattoo over it. :)

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hehe – the things we do to prove we’re cool when we’re bored, right?

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Oh me oh my. Indeed.

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@asmonet No pics. I really don’t want to remember this…!

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It was my birthday, I was turning 10. I remember staying home from school that day to help my mom set up for my slumber party. She had mattresses all over the floor for all of my friends to sleep on. Well I decided it would be fun to jump all over them and then BOING, a coil pops up and gets me right in the arch of my right foot. Blood was everywhere, I never went to the doctor, mom just put butterfly bandages on it and wrapped it up. I remember a lot of pain when it was time to change the bandages though. And I still had my birthday party. (nkotb themed! Haha)

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I was in the 6th grade. My brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs. One day we took our fight outside, he chased me around the yard and picked up a rock. I ran down the street, about a block, stopped and turned around. He told me he was going to throw the rock at me, but since we were so far away from each other I stood there with my arms crossed and laughed it off. Next thing I know my brother hucks this rock at me, almost a block away, and nails me right in the middle of my head at the hairline. Talk about some good aim! Punk.

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@chicadelplaya- Jeeze, brothers! Ha, actually I can’t really talk… I threw a hand held mirror at my sisters face… she had to have butterfly stitches.

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I have a huge cut on my leg, i got in combat.

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>.> I ran into a tree and recived a nasty scar on my forehead, it faded though…..thank god!

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Right on my left thumb there is a huge scar when a blade slipped while opening a box. I got it over a year ago, but I can still see the holes from where the stitching thread went through the skin. It’s pretty cool to look at while I draw or write.

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@ozwash Welcome to Fluther!

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I once lit a firecracker and threw it on my hand for some odd reason. Let a pretty nice scar.

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