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Anyone else having pre-election anxiety? Got any cure ideas?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) October 31st, 2008

I tried a search, but, well, I hope this was not asked yesterday or something. Anyway, I can’t watch the endless ads anymore.

I cried through much of Barack Obama’s half-hour spot, because I was worried people would not see it.

I am swearing off newspapers for the duration.

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I’m so confident of victory, I’m not going to vote. That way I’m assured that my vote can’t be stolen. ~

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@marina I’m more worried that more people don’t see this.

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I discovered that I can drink beer while curled up in the fetal position while lying under more blankets than I would normally need.

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I’m just praying that we have a winner by Wednesday morning at the latest.

@alfreda – i really don’t know how she can say these things with a straight face

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I’m trying to remain calm, but truthfully I am terrified! I don’t think I’ll be able to calm down till it’s over. 3 days!

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I’m so glad someone asked this. I have got my panties in such a bundle. I have been watching Rachel Maddow and she is not at all confident this is in the bag for Obama. Where is dalepetrie, I need his voice of reason to talk me down. I have just decided I am not going to be able to focus until this is over. To top it off, my husband left for his new job in Tulsa this morning. *sniff
@jp Lurve and more lurve, that was a hoot, that’s what that was. Nice avatar btw.
@ap All I can say is OMFG!

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@breedmitch – I assume you’re an Obama supporter? That exact attitude will lose us this election. Too many Obama supporters seem convinced that he has it in the bag. He himself has said many, many times that he does not. His lead in the polls, while significant, is still quite slim, and we need every vote we can get. While I can’t force you to vote, I strongly recommend that you do.

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@Hobbes: I think Mitch is being sarcastic.

g’night fluthery friends

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Ooh. Sorry. Didn’t catch that. In my defense though, there are a lot of Obama supporters with a similar attitude.

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Preaching to the choir. :)

no, really. goodnight.

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Nitey night, sleep tight asmonet. Hope you don’t have any erec, um I mean election dreams.

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oh dear.

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Since we don’t want to kill anyone, how bout this game? Every time Obama wins a state Kerry did not win, you do a shot. I think you’ll get plenty drunk, but even if Obama exceeds everyone’s wildest dreams you probably won’t have to do more than 15 drinks or so.

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If John “I’m about to kick the bucket” McCain wins, I would look down upon the people who live in the states that gave him the vote. I mean, it would be the same idiots who voted in Bush, voting in yet another Not-Good-Enough President. It would really be a shame if this country, who is supposed to be some sort of role model to the world, didn’t elect one of the smartest individuals who ever ran for President (Obama). Think about it, in a few days the American people are either going to advance as a nation while setting new standards for the world, OR, we’re going to fuck up real bad.

All jokes aside, are we seriously going to allow some 82 year old to beat a younger, smarter, media adored figure? Is that the decisions we as a nation make?

With that said, I think Obama has this in the bag. The media controls popular opinion, and it seems that Bama is the sparkle in the media’s eye.

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I have no idea, I have aspergers, sometimes my mom decides to squish me (basically a full body hug) to calm me down. That usually helps, I don’t really know if it helps people who don’t have aspergers though.

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I try really hard not to think of how it will feel if McCain wins. I remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach when Bush won his second term. I’m not sure if my heart can handle that again, I’m four years older now and not in near as good shape as I was back then.

I find the news coverage a bit reminiscent of The Kramer in that episode of Seinfeld, I’m horrified but I can’t look away.

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I keep having dreams I’m fighting with my parents about it. I wonder if when the election is over, we’ll be able to discuss things and dispell some of the hard feelings. I think who you vote for really goes to the core, so it’s difficult for me to feel any warm fuzzies when my mom looks so dismayed at me yelling “I’m an elitist with a liberal feminist agenda!!”

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@breedmitch Lurve for the excellent use of the tilde.

@Hobbes the tilde is a Fluther convention to denote sarcasm.

@JP Is there room and beer enough for me ?

Thanks to all for letting me know I am not alone.

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My “cure” is immersing myself into too many different things that I don’t have much (if any) time to think about the election. I do have this irrational fear that come Nov 4th, I will just forget to vote because I have too many things going on. So to prevent this, I have been putting post it notes practically everywhere saying “Don’t forget to VOTE!”

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I just want it over with already. I feel like all this election mumbo-jumbo has been going on for 2 years. I’m sick of the commercials and the catch-phrases. In 2000 I didn’t watch TV, and I went to bed at 8:00 just to avoid the stress. (Unfortunately, the next day there was still no winner.) I’ll do the same this year.

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@tf That’s because it has been going on two years.

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Best thing you can do is some reading over at I’ve been reading it for months and I have less than zero doubt at this time that Obama is going to win handily. If I’d been relying on the regular mainstream media, I’d probably be shitting bricks right about now.

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hmmm….pre-election anxiety. Rum and Diet Coke…aka Rum Dummies. Works great every time. The real problem is post election anxiety after your candidate loses. Then what?

I had anxiety for 8 years of Clinton! What a nincompoop he was. If Obama makes it in this election…I will be disgusted and defeated. But I will carry on with the conservative flame, and hope that next year Palin will run for Prez. yes…or someone of equal moral fiber and quality of character.
Yep…I despise Obama already. Hope I don;t have to for 4 to 8 more years. Oi vey…that would be terrible.

From yours truly,
Representing the last bastion of conservative ethics,


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@watchman What has 8 years of Bush done for your personally or for the country? Also, what horrible things happened to you during the Clinton Administrations?

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@dale Thanks for that link. I am feeling better.

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Clinton’s term was a public debacle and humiliation for the leadership office of this country.
If you are serious enough to be married and have the most important job in the world…then you should respect the office, not have sex in it. Or whatever. And then he lied about it. What an ass. I hate what he stood for. Democratic idiot.

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That’s funny. If the biggest thing you have to complain about from Clinton’s presidency was that he was unfaithful to his wife (which is a private matter and doesn’t affect you or me), then that says a lot about how great USA had it under him. Cuz you know…if someone asked me what pissed me off about Bush’s presidency, I could vent about a lot more important issues.

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alfreda, that was HILARIOUS!! thanks for sharing!

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vote by mail or vote early then close your eyes until w
Wednesday morning

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@watchman: lol Palin 2009.
she’s just dense enough to think that’s how it works

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@watch Clinton left office with a 65% Approval Rating….what Approval Rating does the current rat-bastard have?

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@Mizuki – Bush’s job approval rating hasn’t hit 50% in over three years

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pppsttt… Watchman… next time try touting someone’s character and moral fiber when they haven’t broken state ethics laws. Then gone in front of multiple rallies and said they were thankful to have been cleared of any and all wrongdoing when the first page of the report says the opposite. It works better.

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