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Im trying to add some pics which are jpeg onto my iphone,but everytime i click and drag to drop on my mac it says the file wont play on my iphone,please help.

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) November 1st, 2008

im trying to figure out a way on the mac to do this

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Put the pictures you want to be on your iPhone into iPhoto. Then next time you sync the iPhone in iTunes go to the Photos section and make it take the photos from iPhoto.

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Yes…PIXEL is right on…

May I add that in iPhoto, you should create an album to drop your pic into (similar to iTunes, where you create a Playlist, into which you drag-and-drop your songs), that way, when your iPhone is connected to iTunes, you can see in the “Photos” tab, a you can click the button “Selected Albums” and choose that album, rather than syncing (uploading) all of your pics to the iPhone (especially if you have many, many pics, but don’t want to upload them all).

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problem is that I dot want to sync and delete all my old pictures,I want to keep them,I tried to manually drag and drop them,won’t work

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In iTunes press manage manually when the iPhone is plugged in. Then you can drag and drop.

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did that, still wont work

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If you’re referring to all the old pics taken on the iPhone, you’ll need to first offload them from the iPhone onto iPhoto; connect your iPhone to your computer. Quit iTunes. Launch iPhoto. You should see iPhoto go to an import photo mode on the main screen, from which you can transfer all your photos in to the iPhoto library.

When the importing is complete you can then add all your photos in iPhoto into an album (or multiple albums) plus your jpegs from the computer.

Once you have done all that, you can launch iTunes and select the iPhone in the sources column on the left; then in the “Info” tab in the main window, check the box “manually manage songs and photos”. Then, go to the Photos tab and select your album as I indicated in the previous post above.

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