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Do people who are dizzy drunk really not remember what happened?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) November 1st, 2008

I have to admit I’m not much of a drinker, but I have drunk to the point of being really dizzy and throwing up, and I have always remembered what happened the day after (and for a good deal longer, in fact).

So when I hear that people don’t remember what happened when they were drunk, I am suspicious. It sounds like a convenient excuse to me. And from what I hear, college kids do it these days so they can lose their inhibitions, and get down with the guys. That’s why all the sexual activity happens. (I had a researcher in my office yesterday who was investigating drinking among college students).

So what’s your experience? Do you really forget? What’s that like? How much did you drink?

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I’ve been drunk to the point of being incoherent and not able to walk straight – and remembered everything….I’ve also had blackouts and forgotten everything; where I’d been, what I’d said, who I said it to… be honest, couldn’t tell you how much I drank when I had blackouts, but it has tended to happen when drinking shots.

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I drank alot in college. I can assure you I lost “chunks” of time of several evenings. At first it was just kinda weird when people would say…“Do you know what you said to me last night…?!” and then it got kinda disturbing.

I would loose hours of what happened after a long night of drinking.

Luckily, I was on a small college campus and always went out w/ a group where we watched out for each other…but still.

I ditto wildflowers experience, in that hard liquor was involved. I think that just reflects the ability to take in more volume of fluid (booze) and therefore more alcoholic content in a given time frame.

Bottom line, I was just really lucky.

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My experiences have been very close to Wildflower’s. I have been falling down drunk and remembered every second of it (Gimmedat will remember a night like that rather recently), and I have been drunk, passed out, and remembered absolutely nothing.

I am officially a friend of Bill W. now however.

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sometimes i get really drunk, but can still walk. i will do things that seem right at the time, and remember them. i rarely throw up. however, there have been times where i remember receiving the drink, but i cant remember finishing it, and i end up in my vestibule in the corner. that specific recollection happened once, but you get what i mean.

just a funny related story: my friend got really drunk, and he lives in a “good neighborhood” (there is no need to lock the door all the time). its also a mini-community (all the houses are the same style). anyways, he gets hammered, and he wakes up and a random guy is standing above him and asks him “what the hell are you doing in my house”. my friend felt really embarrassed, exited the house, and walked 4 blocks to his own house. this is a true story, not BS.

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@SuperMouse Good luck w/ Bill :)

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I hsve blacked out…. entire nights just nothing, i wake up with no memory after a certain point,even tho i was awake and socialble.
however, i have also been drunk to the point that parts of my memory fade in and out…
but…. it should be known that i was consuming verrrrrry large amounts of alcohol

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I have never forgotten what I’ve done while drinking, but I know many people who do. They’re not forgetting anything bad either, just regular conversation/actions, so I doubt they’re faking it.

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Bodies react differently to alcohol. I set out once to try as many mixed drinks as possible to find one that was palatable. Through the evening my mind remained sharp but from the lips down I was numb. I was able to walk a block home without stumbling. I slept very well and woke up clear headed and refreshed. The next day I remembered all the conversations I had the night before. That night I decided my drink would be vodka/rocks because the alcohol didn’t taste so bad icy cold amd after the first drink I would switch to mineral water. Alcohol tastes so nasty, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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Do people who are dizzy drunk really not remember what happened?

I’m sorry what was the question?

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Yeah, people can black out. I personally try not to get that far gone, but sometimes alcohol kicks my butt especially hard. As others have said, there are times I’ve been pretty wasted and remembered everything, then I’ve also had instances where people have recounted things I did and I have no recollection whatsoever of it. There are also portions of evenings I don’t remember, like what happened between time A and time B.

Not saying everyone who claims to not remember is telling the truth, but it definitely can happen.

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I have blacked out and it is totally real to the point that I still don’t remember anything at all about what happened. SuperMouse speaks of a night when I chose to drink rather heavily. I was having a really good time! I am a fun rowdy drunk who does things like hiding and scaring people. I am not a friend of Bill W., but applaud those who are. My only drinking problem is that I can’t do it more often. Not really, but that cracks me up. I normally don’t drink to oblivion, but I do enjoy a cocktail or two over the weekend.

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@Gimmedat, I added the last part to my answer just for you, thanks for the lurve sis.

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Drunk dialing. Did it maaaaany times and heard the voicemails as proof.

I don’t drink much anymore, but on a special occasion a month ago and I got quite tipsy and thought I did well. I remembered everything. Until the next morning when I looked at photos and the last one on my friend’s camera was of me on the phone.

No idea I made a phone call. Checked my cell phone and I had called my boyfriend. When I asked him about it he was dying from laughter.

Old habits die hard. :)

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I often forget what happened while I was drunk, but usually if someone reminds me, it will come back to me in a hazy kind of way as if it had been a dream. If I’m lucky, I will be able to recall the details after being filled in on the generalities, but sometimes not.

I don’t really get dizzy when I drink though. I either feel really good, or I feel really good for a while, and then all of a sudden really sick, which is always unfortunate.

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Twice I have drunk so much that I cannot remember things. The first time I was sitting down at a party where I did not know anyone else, so I just sort of sat by myself and just kept drinking beer after beer, and then I went to stand up to make sure someone didn’t choke on their own vomit, and it all just sort of hit me. After being told bits and pieces I managed to recall most things, but I don’t remember walking home (it was just around the corner).

The second time I was drinking vodka with juice and I didn’t realise how much I’d had, because I find that vodka is very unpredictable and you can be fine for ages until BAM it just hits you all at once. I was fine and extremely happy up until a point, I remember my friend getting picked up and then after that, pretty much nothing. The next thing I remember is waking up in bed at home in my clothes, I’m just lucky that one of my friends was not drinking and he drove me home, and this time no matter how hard I’ve thought about it, and from what I’ve been told, I have only been able to recall about 5 minutes of that whole period all up, and it was really an hour or more.

These cases were about a year apart and I really didn’t mean to drink as much as I did. I’d like to hope it won’t happen again, but I guess I can’t promise anything if I don’t pay attention to what I’m drinking, but I think I’ve learnt now and I should be OK. I think, however, that even if I did get that smashed again or somewhere near it, I would never ever let myself be in a situation where a guy could take advantage of me, or at least I’d be able to stop.

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Never got that drunk. Usually just felt buzzed and that was all I wanted.My sister is the same way.

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