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Do any fellow Flutherites read comic books?

Asked by cookieman (37434points) November 1st, 2008 from iPhone

If so, what are you reading now? Also, how long have you been reading them.

Me? I’ve been mostly a Marvel zombie since I was 12.

Currently reading:
-Captian America
-both Avengers books
-Uncanny & Astonishing X-Men
-Ultimate & Amazing Spiderman

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I’m not a huge comic book reader, but I love the Sandman series – I can read them over and over and never get tired of them. I just wish he was still writing more of them! =)

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I read a few manga and comics
Dragonball and dragon ball z
Kindaichi mystery

Calvin and hobbes

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i just wait until the movie comes out.

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I used to. I have nothing against them. I just never encounter them now.

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My favorites are Dave McKean and Neil Gaimain’s (Mr Punch, The Sandman, Cages), Bone, and Hellboy.

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@cprevite, have you read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon? After I read that book I started to read comics. I started with The Escapist, the I went on to Daredevil. I read The 911 Commission Report as a graphic novel.

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@SuperMouse: I’ve been meaning to read that. I heard Michael Chabon on Fresh Air recently. He was talking about his new book that takes place in Alaska amongst a community of Jewish folk. Sounded great. I need to catch up on those.

The Escapist is on my graphic novel wish list.

When did you pick up Daredevil? During Bendis’ run or Bruebaker?

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@Mtl_zack: The latest movies are a blast (Iron Man), but there’s nothing like reading them in serial format, IMHO. The movies, are like a snapshot.

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@mea05key: Calvin and Hobbes was great. My favorite of that style used to Bloom County. I never read it weekly in the papers, but I got all the perfect-bound books.

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for real though, i read maus, and i really want to read watchmen. i want to read it before the movie comes out. i heard its kick-ass.

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@Mtl_zack: I read Watchmen when it was first published (yes, I just dated myself), and it blew me away. Of course, I was a kid – but what I loved most about reading comics that were intelligently written as a kid (Miller’s Daredevil, Arkham Asylum, Miller’s Wolverine miniseries), was that they were over your head and you got to swim in them and try to make sense of it all.

Really made you think.

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Wow. I can’t believe I forgot Calvin and Hobbes…

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Not since I was a kid. But I bet I am the only one here who listened to then Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia (NYC) read the Sunday comics on the radio on Sun. mornings. The thrills didn’t come so fast and furiously in those gentler days.

He was 5’ 2” and known as “the little flower.”

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I read anything and everything that Roman Dirge and Johnen Vasquez put out. And I’m a big fan of graphic novels like Watchmen, Persepolis and Maus. I also have some The Far Side, Garfield, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes collections.

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I’ve always kinds been a comic fan ever since I was a little kid. I actually just started revisiting my Spawn collection last week.

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@Wine3213: I read Spawn when it first came out (along with much of the Image stuff).

I still enjoy the art somewhat, but the stories don’t hold up for me.

Although a new Spawn series just started with Todd McFarlaine & Greg Capullo working together. I may give it a look.

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@ cprevite: I know what u mean. I’ll have to check out the new one.

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Before I got remarried, I collected most of the X-Men series, as well as Wolverine and all of the recently new Image titles, from when they just started out. Since then, though I have not really gotten into them. Although I have been looking for great graphic novels to pick up. If anyone has suggs for those, that’d be cool!

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@maccmann: Try the first trade paperback (graphic novel) of Invincible from image. You won’t be disappointed.

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Yes, I do, don’t ask me what?

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@wrestlemaniac3: Can you not remember or is it a secret.

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well it’s a secret cause I like one of the lady-characters in the comic.

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Ah, a four-color romance. I get it.

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Woo Neil Gaiman fans!! The jewels of my bookcase right now are the Absolute Sandman vols 1 – 3 (the boyfriend got them for my birthday, I was blown away). Anything by Gaiman and lately I’ve been getting into Fables. I’ll read other randomy things that I snatch from my boyfriend’s roommate’s bookshelf. There’s a lot of good stuff there.

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I’ve never read comic books, but I just got my first comic book, “The Middleman,” for my birthday. I was a big fan of the show on ABC Family (I don’t usually watch that channel, but this show was seriously great), which may or may not be renewed. I’ve heard the story described as a mix between “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Men In Black.” The premise is that the crazy monsters and aliens in comic books are actually real and the main character gets recruited by a secret agency to fight them off. The artistic style is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s work and the dialogue is fantastic and really funny (it’s no wonder the show was so good—the source material is amazing, a lot of the dialogue is taken word for word from the books). Check it out and hope that the show gets renewed!

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DC kicks some Marvel butt.

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@Sofia: Thanks for the suggestion I’ll check it out.

@Nimis: Them’s fighting words. (I kid) – Tell me, what are you reading from DC?

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Right now? Nothing.
That was more back in the day.
Just kidding by the way.
While The Dark Knight will always be my number one,
I have much love for Stan Lee and the whole X-Men series.
Also used to read Dark Horse, Image…the whole shebang.

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What did you think of the 2 new Batman movies?

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I really loved the last movie.
Finally a movie than began to capture
the experience of reading the actual comic.
Made me want to smoke a cigarette afterward.

Sin City was very true to the series too.
But I don’t know if it necessarily adding anything.

Iron Man I really enjoyed as well.
But that was probably an easier feat because
I never really read the series and wasn’t heavily invested.

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Goon, Invincible, Wasteland, Elephantmen, Atomic Robo

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