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Do you get annoyed by cashiers commenting on your purchases?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) November 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I do, especially the real stupid ones like if I buy loads of gum and they go “Sooo, you like gum huh?”. Oh thank you for observing the obvious!

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Yes. Also fellow shoppers. I find it incredibly intrusive and rude.

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Only when I buy the extra large condoms and they DON’T say anything.

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Totally! When the woman at the grocery store asks what I’m going to cook, I get extremely annoyed. I think every purchase should be like a sex toy purchase: minimal speaking or eye contact.

also… if anyone gave me any lurve, they’d have the distinct honor of putting me over the 1000 mark!

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Not when I buy a sex toy! I’ll ask if she’s ever used it!!!

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@tone, consider it DONE.

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What really annoys me are cashiers who can’t count. Who the hell keeps giving these people jobs handling money.

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interesting question. i feel your anguish. since i am a chef, i will go to the store for little odds and ends. sometimes you can tell what i plan on cooking just looking at the line-up on the revolving belt. but oftentimes those little odds and ends dont match with what cashiers generally think is a “meal.” they’ll say: “hmmm, cooking chili tonight?” i’ll say, “no, actually duck tacos.”

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I talk to cashiers all the time, and it wouldn’t really bother me. I guess if it was something embarassing I might feel differently.

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Yes. I feel as though they are making unnecessary judgments about my character and interests. So what if I’m buying 17 pints of Ben and Jerry’s and 3 box sets of Grey’s Anatomy on a Saturday night?? That is no implication that I have no life!

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I dunno. I guess I really don’t mind. At the grocery/liquor I really don’t mind some one asking what I am making or commenting that I must be having a party (what’s new?). I also don’t mind comments about what I buy at clothing stores or shoe stores. I’ve never been really annoyed at a comment. Maybe it’s because I am in sales and I’m kind of trained to listen and possibly grasp an opportunity to sell something. I’ve done it before! Quick story. I was buying some carry out food for a local restaurant and the owner happened to be manning the cash register. He said something like “I see you you are getting the fried chicken (a comfort food of mine)...good thing you did it tonight because our fryers will be down tomorrow for cleaning”. whooopppeee! I sell a kick ass fryer cleaner and told him about it. I brought my distributor in the next day and we did a demo, sold the product as well as an entire line.

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What annoys me most is when the Wal Mart cashiers have full blown conversations with the cashier at the register behind me and completely disregard the customer. That sh….t didn’t fly when I was younger and working those types of jobs…..and I’m only 36. Customer service has completely disappeared.

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@deep, I so agree. One time the cashier was ringing me up while she was talking with the next cashier. She got so involved in her conversation, she STOPPED ringing me up and just continued with her conversation. It was the OTHER cashier who said to her “Tell me later. Your customer!”.

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I hate sales person following me around when i am looking for something in a shopping complex.

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that has not been my experience. But, I, too, get annoyed when employees can’t do simple math.

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Overheard statement by the cashier at a grocery when the patron was purchasing condoms: “We both know what those are for, huh? Good luck!”

Incredibly annoying!

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I like buying odd combinations of things to try to make the cashier wonder. My favorite was the girl who wouldn’t look me in the eye when I was buying beer, duct tape and disposable cameras with a friend.

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@tonedef Congratulations!

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For some reason cashiers are always trying to sell me on the item that I’m buying right in front of them. Which is just more random talking that my antisocial tendencies don’t need.

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I kind of enjoy talking to the cashier. Sometimes I talk to them about my purchases first,

“have you ever tried these, yeah they’re yummy”.

“How’s it going? This is some hurricane. I was suprised you guys had any bread.”

“Why are there pregnancy tests at the register in between all these different types of gum? No, they really do belong here! look at this label on the shelf, it says ” wal preg test $9.99. Doesn’t really seem like an impulse purchase…or maybe it is, I think I’ll get one. Oh, but this isn’t my brand, oh well, oh my total is 24.63? Okay.”

One time I had this whole conversation with this girl after we realized we were born in the same town over a thousand miles away from here.

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Yeah, I enjoy a polite conversation w/ the cashier as well, but when they make unnecessary and uncalled for comments on my purchases, that’s when I get slightly annoyed.

@ La chica gomela: Congratulations on breaking 3,000! :)

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artificialard, that was pretty darn funny! lurve!

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