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Where does yeast come from?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) November 1st, 2008

Where does the yeast that you buy at the store come from? How do they package it?

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Why, it comes from Redstar, of course!

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Towards the bottom.

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I learned recently there are wild yeasts just floating around in the air, waiting for a home. I made sourdough bread from scratch – a four-week process to grow the starter.

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PupnTaco, have you ever had lambic beer?

It’s fermented with wild yeast. I was told they do part of the beer making process like usual, and then instead of adding yeast, they just let it sit out, and the yeast falls into the beer like pollen. It’s really cool! Of course that only happens in Belgium, so it’s super-expensive.

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Wine too, chica.
The grapes have wild yeast on them when their brought in from the fields. Sometimes it’s left and sometimes they use SO2 to kill it off.

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Lambic, sure. My friend is a brewer, very fond of Belgian styles. He’s introduced me to all that stuff.

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Breedmitch, is there a special name for that type of wine? I want to try it! Does it also come from only Belgium?

Pup, isn’t it the yummiest thing ever? Okay, it’s the yummiest thing ever if you’re talking about fruit lambics and you like your alcohol really sweet, which i do. I haven’t tried the un-friuty kind, I heard it can be quite bitter though.

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Yeast infections.

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