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Does anybody here want in?

Asked by wrestlemaniac3 (242points) November 2nd, 2008

I’m writing a story (fantasy/fiction) and so far I got most of my friends in the the story as characters, they describe them to me and I write them in, and draw them out to. So I was wondering if any one here wants in on this?

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OO I want in, just a min while I write about me.



I’m male, blond, very pail skin, semi long hair, blue eyes, age 14, very slim and from Ireland

All my answere are vage and I spend alot of time on the computer, I LOVE apple computers, ponds, pie, and er other stuff.

I have been voted the dumbest prison on 3 online communities and in school.
The sorts of things I say would get a response from other ppl like ”...” and “er ok..”

For some odd reason every one thinks I’m rich but I’m not, and my most frequently said thing is… er I don’t know. I try had at things but get bored very fast and fail at most of them. And I usually act like a king “If the teacher in art tells us to clean up I will stand in the middle of the room going “Yes yes good work, WHY ARENT YOU CLEANING THAT TABLE.. indeed. oh well carry on”

Oh and if you want a name for me you can call me by my name Daniel Iremonger. Oh and all my stuff MUST be top quality :) if you want a pic just ask. Oh and if you decide to make me one of the caricatures somewhere in the story send it to me ok.

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take your time.

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P.S You can change things like my age name and where I’m from if you want.

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Well it’s a fantasy/fiction, sorry for me being vague, in the fantasy realm it’s the year 1246, but you can be from the earth realm, 2012.

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Why do I need to be from the realm of 2012, 1246 is fine for me just get rid of the computer stuff :D

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well then, side good or evil? age at least either 16 to 19.

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What is the difference who wins, and most importantly are the evil ppl ugly?

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no actually they’re hot and good looking, you can’t tell good from evil by looks.

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Hmm, I think I will go with good, I don’t like the idea of what I imagine the evil ppl to look like, in black leather and siting in a big castle with no sun. And I will go with age 16

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evil is not lazy, they can walk in the sun, they are lethal, just as a precuation, all the main guys have to die in the end, choose your death.

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Well, I will be good until the time comes to die, then I will choose life ahahahahaha. Or If I must die make it dramatic or funny “like I could be the last one left and some one shoots and arrow at me and I go “Oh bugger” and then get killed”

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done… want yer heart in a dead man’s chest too, arrr.

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just kidding, but yeah sure, done. okay anyone else? NEXT!

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no prob, or as the charcters say in the story Archio nact.

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Can I join?
My name is Owen.

I’ll get back to you with more info tomarrow. (I’m going to bed now, I’m tired. I just wanted to call a spot in the story. :-)

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Done, send stats.

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I’d like to be 17
long hair
brown eyes
Can be distracted easily

P.S sorry it took me so long to answer

ask if you need any more info

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Sure I want in…and also could you send us or post the finished product?

I shall be 18 years old…my name is Razor and I’m a good guy. Spiky razor sharp hair, can communicate with animals, and protector of all things young. In death, I died saving an abused child or something. I am brown skin, a wanderer and my origins are unknown. And I can kick some serious ass with the 2 meat cleavers i walk around with…I’m also telepathically connected to them.

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What a great question! I would like to be included, but can’t think of a character yet.

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I want in. I’m a giant green lizard who sometimes carelessly knocks down buildings. Asians typically don’t like me but I’m working on my people skills.

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this thread is fucking hysterical!

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lmfao @ bodyhead

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Yeah i’m in,i’m a twelve stone Budgie.

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Think 1960’s Sean Connery except bald and with a goatee.
I get conflicting stories about my birth. It is either the mail man or aliens dropped me in the garden.

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