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Young people have growing pains. Do old people have shrinking pains?

Asked by sferik (6086points) November 2nd, 2008
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to feel or not to feel?, that is the question.

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Great question. At 51, some part of me hurts 24/7. Not sure it’s because I’m shrinking. But I like that idea better than wearing out. Our bodies aren’t perfect machines, and 50 years of my knee not extending correctly, one leg being shorter than the other, and the 25 years I spent walking around in high heels have taken their toll on my feet, ankles, knees and hips.

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Yes; it’s called arthritis or osteoporosis. I have only shrunk 1/4” since I hit my full height, luckily. My mother is 3” shorter than she was in her prime. I am still paying for the 25 minutes I walked around in spike heels. God bless Clark’s colored sandals.

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I have all kinds of pains.

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Hey, they say that after a certain age if you wake up and nothing hurts – you must be dead.
Some black humor there – sorry.

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Don’t apologize, Nina—it’s true. My husband and I often play “What doesn’t hurt?” Right now nothing above the tops of my ears hurts. Hurray! I’m still alive.

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My ex- who is 73 and recovering from chemo and radiation for a blood cancer, was pretending he was still 30 yesterday while skiing an expert trail in Telluride. Today he is in hospital with a broken hip. Luckily he does not need a replacement. But what an idiot. His wife is ready to break his other hip.

Has anyone here tried Feldenkreiz? I am curious.

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Yep, 50 is a jumping off place. lol

I have a shoulder and neck tweek thing going on and my allergies have been very bad the last few years. Keep on keepin’ on!


Maybe it’s not being 30 AND trying to navigate the expert trail! haha

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Is Alzheimers when the brain is shrinking?

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@OneMoreMinute: A perfect word to Google; make sure you spell it Alzheimer’s.

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