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Can your heart be broken, if in fact, it's already broken?

Asked by lilakess (789points) November 2nd, 2008

I mean, if you’ve got a broken heart, maybe it can’t get any worse (heartbreak-wise). It seems somewhat connected with, two negatives make a positive (except that implies that a heart can get re-broken even while currently broke).

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That was a bit confusing but yes, your heart can be broken as many times as life see fit. And as often.

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I think this is how country music originated?

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Never, ever say…....Things can’t get any worse!!! Sure as Hell, just wait and see!

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Yes. The heart can be broken in more ways than one.

That being said, once you’ve had your heart broken, you find ways to avoid having it broken again. So, for some people, perhaps the answer is “no”.

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I’ve found that sometimes my heart breaks, heals wrong, and then gets broken again. Last year, that happened several times over a period of six months. Well, it got a huge crack down the middle in March, but that’s exactly what it needed to heal. So, yes, you’re heart can get broken again even if it’s already broken.

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your heart can break over and over again…it also can never completely healed…

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When your heart is broken, it seems like it will never heal. But it proves we have the capacity to love and be loved, that’s why it hurts so much when that person leaves your life. Even though we may say “never again” and try and build up barriers, our heart gradually heals and becomes responsive again to love.

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absolutely, your heart can be broken again and again. if it’s currently broken you’ll have a pretty sad situation. it’ll be tough to overcome to say the least.

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it can be broken more than once it may be the fact of you thinking that someone is the one for you and you give them a chance and they mess it up…. thats what always happens

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Your heart can always be broken more than once…

I do believe though that the first time is ALWAYS the worst. Perhaps because it is the first. Not to say that the other times are less horrible, but you may find it easier to cope, having already dealt with your heart broken.

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Look at it this way: can a glass be broken? Yes. Can it be broken again? Yes, in even smaller pieces, all the way down to atoms. You may think it can’t get worse when you’re deeper than you’ve ever been, but even when you hit rock bottom, you could always drill…

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Yes. You can break it in half, then in fourths, and so on until it is just dust, then you have no chance of ever loving/ being loved again. Two negatives in this instance do not make a positive it just makes for more depression. Some people live their whole lives with a broken heart and it just gets worse with every break.

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yes but you find strategies to help lessen the feelings – and learn to like you and your own life so that a relationship is not your everything – just a part of yr life

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your heart can always be broken more and more
you see when you get hurt, your heart doesnt fully break, it just wounds it
each breakup or pain caused more wounds

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My heart has been broken so many times that it is held together with glue, duct tape, twine, baling wire and scotch tape. I gotta find a safer place to keep my heart.

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i think it depends upon how you mean. if your heart is currently “broken” from a failed relationship, can you become “heartbroken” over another relationship situation… and i’m not sure about that. b/c you have to give your heart to somthing in order for it to get broken, and that’s a fairly difficult task to do with a broken heart. of course, there are all sorts of different aspects of our lives that affect our hearts besides romantic relationships. family, friends, careers, achievement of our dreams… i think any of those have the potential to break your heart simultaneously to any of the others. a scary thought, really. but how much more scary to think about living in cold and quiet, colorless world where you never allow yourself to be passionate about anything, in order to prevent it from hurting you? broken hearts heal, and they’re never quite the same. but sometimes the cracks create a new and quiet kind of beauty. i have a mental image of the vases made from mosaic glass, intended to look as if they’ve been shattered and repaired…

@tennesseejac… that’s a terribly sad, and pessimistic, way to look at the world. you don’t think you can recover from a broken heart, love again?

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yes you can be kicked when you are down. it happens to me alot with family members and people that give a flip about me, i live in hateful world, when i need the opposite

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Like when your arm is broken, you go to a doctor to heal it;
when your heart breaks, go to God, seek his help, he will heal you out of any worst situation, and give the needed comfort. And, keep on doing it.

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Experiencing loss that causes you deep emotional strife can literally cause you heart problems typically cardiomyopathy which you can die from. There have been many instances of people dying of a broken heart after suffering the loss of a loved one via death or breakup.
If you are asking if your heart can be broken more than once at any given time I would have to say yes. Compounded loss would cause futher emotional and physical distress to anyone.

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