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How to keep a group of people entertained in a house?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) November 2nd, 2008

no card games..
there’ll be about 8 ppl in total, and thinking of activities to do to keep them from being bored. Just hanging out for fun? What to do in a house?

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How old are the people?

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Tag-Team Orgy.

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Like Jack Adams would say: “Naked Twister”!

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Get off Fluther and start talking to your guests. /

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drinks and appetizers always start a party into unknown realms…
if you or your guests are not drinkers, make sure the appetizers are ready and you have something in the house that’s eccentric and odd to spark conversation.

“wow! that purple on the east wall looks really good!”
“your aquarium is beautiful—what is that fish?

get it?

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Why are they coming over in the first place? Are they related? What are their ages? How long are they staying? Not enough info to answer.

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Wii game. Good for all ages, all abilities, for one or many to play at a time. The sports package is a good start.

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Watch or make porn.

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ages 15–16, just chilling in the house, random get together. Want to keep them entertained.
and yeah, i’ll talk to my guests tmr, just want some ideas for backup if it gets lame.

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Manhunt if it’s night. Go outside, and it’s essentially tag where you try to reach a base to win.

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“Murder in the Dark”, great fun, do you know how to play that?
Always enjoyable and giggly. See me for further instructions.

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@susanc, that sounds pretty cool. let’s hear more about “murder in the dark”

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I like Taboo. Or Pictionary.

Or you can always play “would you rather.” e.g.: Would you rather be able to fly or become invisible? Would you rather have your fingernails grow an inch a minute or have your eyebrows come alive and crawl all over your face? Just start one…you’ll see…people will start coming up with their own.

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Truth or Dare ;)

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Charades FTW!

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Not when 15–16 year olds play it.

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Musical instruments & Garage Band are always a big hit here.
Baking and decorating sugar cookies or making homemade pizza

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Pictionary, Scattergories, Twist, Scene It, Charades, Nintendo Wii (don’t laugh, I know many adults that like this interactive video game system just as much as adolescents do)

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Hide and Go Seek in the dark.

Then again, my friends are prone to pretending we’re all seven.

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Jello shots! Then: Quarters.

Then bring out the Twister mat. :^)

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@Bluefreedom, I’m seriously thinking about buying myself a Wii Fit and putting it under the tree from Santa. :-)

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One of my co-workers just bought a Wii Fit and he says it is really great. Takes a little getting used to but you can get a good workout from it. I’m going to be getting one for the wife and I soon. Apparently it is a very hot item right now and they may be quite difficult to find the closer we get to the holidays.

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haha. yeah, i own wii fit, it’s pretty cool.

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How To Play Murder In The Dark:

Turn out all the lights.
Someone has already picked a card which entitles him or her to be the Murderer. No one knows who the Murderer is. In the dark, the Murderer quietly goes around behind people and murders them by putting his or her hands around their throats. Silent but deadly. When murdered, you emit a blood curdling death scream. Then you become a murderer, and you have to go around murdering whoever’s still standing. The last person unmurdered wins. ooooooo


when you get murdered, you lie down, after screaming your death scream. The people who are murdered are allowed to make merry on the floor but they have to pretend to be dead, that is, be quiet. The last person standing wins. You can navigate away from the murderer in the dark by moving away from the screamers. You’re not allowed to just go behind the couch and wait. You have to be where the murderer can find you.

Now, shall we review how to play Sardines In The Dark? Sexeeeeeee.

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Clothing optional Twister.

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