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Anyway to burn drivers from my iMac?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) November 2nd, 2008

I just installed a partition on my iMac to be able to run Windows XP, but I need all the drivers. We cannot find our Leopard disk anywhere. Is there any place to burn the drivers?

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That help?

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There is no legal place to download them. They can be found with bittorrent but I don’t really want to give out directions for doing that.

Note—They are looking for the drivers you install on Windows to get the hardware to work properly. It is a exe file.

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drivers are free most of the time…

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I ran into this same problem. I had to do a lot of searching online…and even now I can’t seem to find the downloads again. I have them saved to a flash drive now….but keep googling for something like “windows drivers for boot camp” or something like that, and you’ll find sites (not that have the drivers to download. good luck!

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How did you find the driver for your wireless card?? I can’t download them because I don’t have functioning internet when I am in Windows mode.

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The site I found had three separate downloads for different components to install once on the windows partition. All the downloads are equal to about 770MB in size. You can download them on the Mac Partition, save them to a flash drive, and restart into windows so you can load the new drivers.

On a side note…I think I remember trying to find a site that had boot camp available to download for Tiger users, and I think that had drivers available to download as well.

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@RandomMan: There used to be a downloadable driver disc image from Apple. Probably not any more since Leo came out. Apple is getting greedy.

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You could probably get help at an apple store…

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the apple store won’t tell you how to get free software though =)

plus, I work at a retail store, and sell apple product, as well as PC product, and probably have more computer general knowledge because of that =)

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@RandomMrdan – No, I mean they would let you borrow a Leopard disc.

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You want the boot camp drivers… which when you create a partition with boot camp it will prompt you to burn a disk for the Windows install with the drivers needed. If for some reason you can not run boot camp then you can get the drivers and manually install by going into the boot camp app.

You can read more here:

Oh and…
If you don’t have boot camp assistant in your Utilities folder (found inside the applications folder) then you can find the drivers on some sites by doing a google search for “boot camp drivers”. Boot camp assistant is installed by default and is part of Mac OS X Leopard and no longer available as a separate download.

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