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Billy Mays, I just read he will be doing a reality show!

Asked by waterbearer (225points) November 3rd, 2008

You know, the Oxiclean guy that looks like he has overused black dye on his hair and beard and SCREAMS everything. What in the WORLD do you think this show could be about? Do you think his screaming and hocking products all day could make interesting reality TV?? LOL!

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People who have become psychotic from seeing Oxiclean ads will be incited to homicidal fury by being forced to hear those ads for hours on end, and then released into an obstacle course full of images of Billy Mays which they get to destroy in various ways (earning points for speed, ferocity, imagination and viewer satisfaction), while avoiding falling into pits filled with Oxiclean. The contestants will proceed through several rounds until the final conclusion, where the advertising crew and Billy Mays himself will need to escape a pack of the most ferocious victims of his ads. Will he or any of the ad crew survive? What will his victims do to him?

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That would be a show worth watching, Zaku!! lol!

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Billy Mays is the most irritating sun-on-the-beach on tv. Thank God for the “mute” button.

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My head hurts just thinking about him.

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Well they will save money on microphones – they won’t need any!

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Does he have a hearing problem?

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