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How proud are you of your extreme nerdiness?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21477points) November 3rd, 2008

I find that I am quite proud of how nerdy I am. Among my nerdy group, I am considered one of the nerdiest because I LARP. There are two others in the group who might be nerdier than I am. One of them is the guy who got me into LARPing who also works full time at a gaming store and the other is the 9th best World of Warcraft tcg player in the world. How about the nerds in the collective? (This also goes for geeks, dorks and generally anyone who falls into that category)

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Oh lord, am I ever. Kat you and your friends are epic win.

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I am proud of my geekery. I’ll admit to Warhammer, and D&D, and Call of Cthulhu, and LARPing, and MMOs, and a love of Star Wars, and etc. etc. etc.

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I can’t hold a light to your impressive level of nerdiness, but I’ve always considered myself to be reasonably nerdy and wear this t-shirt with much pride.

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@sofia: Purchased.

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Holy crap! Best shirt ever!!!!

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I just need to say that I made a bit of a slip up in my previous comment. I do not LARP, I LAN party. I guess I just read it in the original question’s description and got mixed up. But I’m not that geeky.

Kidding. :P

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What kind of nerd are we talking about here? I love school, so I guess that makes me a nerd. I’m a Buffy nerd and a Disneyland (not Disney) nerd. Besides that I’m a fairly hip and cool gal.

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@MrMelt: Trust me, I know we LARPers are the nerdiest of the nerdy. As female LARPers, Asmonet and I are less so, because there are so few of us and damn, we get popular when we go LARPing (even the really nice guys in my chapter were lustful little horndogs who let the odd comment slip out every now and then).

@tinyfaery: I don’t think nerdiness and being cool are mutually exclusive. I’m very nerdy, but I think I’m pretty cool too. I think the social awkwardness of nerds is going down. :)

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This question makes me want to bust out some Venn diagrams.
Because while you can be both a geek, a nerd and a dork;
I think LARPing would actually fall under geek territory.

My compulsion to explain everything with Venn diagrams would fall under nerd territory.

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Look what this mean man said!

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I’m a good girl, who always got great grades. In seventh grade I “dumbed down” to become more popular, and dropped that act in a hurry. I’d rather be thought a smart nerd than a popular dip-shit. At 41 years old, my friends still make fun of my vocabulary…does that count?

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@aug: hells yeah that counts! Welcome to the club!

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@sofia lolz that shirt is awesome… it could be better though… with like 100 (binary) instead of 2 squared.

To answer the main question:
3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823 (memorized =P)

public boolean ProudOfIt(){
if(ChuckNorrisWins) //This, of course, is always true.
——return true;
——return false;

EDIT: It should be noted that (I hope) noone here is a geek (look at definition 3).

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i admit im a nerd too. @KatawaGrey it is true the social awkwardness has been fading.. but i still find it that girl nerds have it easier then guy nerds. guy nerds are the ones that get put down most of the time for being who they are

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let me quote myself: “In your physiognomy, you change in acceleration over time!”
(the technical term for change in acceleration over time is “jerk”. That was a joke I learned from physics)

Philosophy is such a fun hobby, especially with incredibly unnecessary vocabulary! Pretty much everything I do (other than swimming and some things that pretty much everyone does) are nerdy.

As for being insulted, very few times do insults actually hit home for me. Ones as un-elaborate as “nerd” or the likes simply make me laugh.

and social awkwardness is fading. Normally when I tell someone they just give a good-natured laugh. Besides, there are plenty of nerd cliques to get into anyways.

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