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Best hair conditioner for dry hair?

Asked by suse (278points) November 3rd, 2008

I got thick, semi wavy, longish hair. It gets very dry and fuzzy if I dont condition it – what conditioner/treatment do you like. want something to make it feel silky but not greasy or weighed down.

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Everyone’s hair is different, so all of our answers are going to be subjective. You didn’t mention if you were on a budget, but I’ll assume you are.

Garnier Fructis is amazing. Herbal Essences is good too but once a week I use Mane & Tail Conditioner and leave it on for 10 minutes. I have long wavy/large curls kind of hair and have found the best treatment for avoiding the frizz is to switch conditioners and shampoos every few days – you gotta let the conditioner sit though, my hair looks fantastic and doesn’t poof. Even my Vidal Sasson hairstylist asked me what I was doing to it, cause she knew I sure as hell wasn’t paying for their stuff.

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actually dont mind spending on the right product – salon products ok, my hair is naturally dry, probably a bit sun/heat damaged on top of that. is thick and can turn into a big bushy thing if not conditioned. Also if I tie it up it gets a dent in it where it was tied which lasts until i wash it.

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Yeah, I get the dent thing too, for the most part I don’t think salon products matter that much, try Mane & Tail, it’s the one with the horsies.

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I have the same kind of hair and have been having good luck with Infusium23 3 minute conditioner and Nexus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing conditioner. I also use a straightening balm when I blow dry. Make sure to use cool air last thing when drying, it closes the cuticle for a more reflective surface.

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I’ve had the same problem!! Aveda Reconstructing Treatment conditioner is AMAZING!! It’s like medicine for your hair. But if you really want the full effect, buy all three products in this line. It’ll cost you a little bit, but use it once a week, and you’ll be able to see a MAJOR difference in no time!!

and, no, I don’t work for Aveda, I’m just a walking bill board for their products. They really are outstanding.

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Unfortunately with hair products you get what you pay for – the traditional drug store brands won’t dramatically do better if you’ve been already using one of them.

I strongly suggest Kiehl’s – the best part is that they’re potent yet not ‘heavy’, they always wash off clean but achieve effects. Ask the salesperson on what’s best for you and they’ll give you samples too. I went from drugstore stuff to Kiehl’s and found my hair was naturally softer and didn’t have that weird product buildup. No relation to Kiehl’s

I used to use Aveda and they’re also good.

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Pantene is really good I love it and it also leaves your hair smelling so good you have my type of hair or if you’re into the salon type stuff nioxxin hair cleanser is pretty good as well

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I tried nioxxin hair cleanser and like it alot, used with conditioner, thankyou :)
going to try kiehls too.

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your welcome I need to get me some nioxxin asap

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Everyones hair is different but if you want to really condition your hair, you can go farther than just moisturizing by conditioning.  There are also shampoos that will condition your hair.  I really like pantene proV brunette expressions (or blonde,or red) it really brings out my highlights and lowlights, it will also bring out your natural hair colour(if it has no dye in it whatsoever).  It makes my hair really soft and shiny.  I have not yet found a great conditioner, but ive heard great things from the brand “bumble & bumble”.  Also there are lots of anti frizz creams that are leave in that wont weigh your hair down (sunsilk) and garnier has a product that will get your hair sleek and shiny (normal for thick hair and “sheer” for thin hair) also think about doing regular hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments. hope this helped!

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someone also recommended Chi styling products – have tried this week and they are great – no noticable residue :)

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I recommend Mane and Tail. My hair stylist recommended the shampoo and conditioner to me and they’ve really helped. My hair is naturally a little wavy and really thick, and my layers make my hair curly. When I put on conditioner I leave it on and then wrap my hair in a towel, and leave it like that for an hour. After, I comb it with a wide tooth comb (not a brush) and then I blow dry. At that point I have humongous waves of hair. So I place Moroccan oil in my hair and then some heat protection. After that I straighten my hair ( I highly recommend chi or baby-bliss) and its done. After that two hour process I have straight healthy looking hair. Its not as hard as it seems. Hope this helped!

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