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What's your favorite thing to do when you feel absolutely dreadful?

Asked by mssamayray (103points) November 3rd, 2008

it was a bad weekend. and i have regrets. wana help me clear my mind?

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Depends on what you are regretting. Sometimes when I feel dreadful I make myself happy with a margarita…prolly not the best idea for you if you’re regretting drinking too much. Some times when I have something dreadful to do the next day I will conjure up sexual fantasies to help me go to sleep. Prolly not something you want to do if you are regretting some sort of sexual interlude. There are many ways to cure the “dreads”. And many ways not too…

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I throw myself upon my bed and sob uncontrollably for hours.

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If you want to forget, sleeep
If you want to wallow, Jack
If you want to feel better,
If you want to talk, my sn is trumigoodboy

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I mope, always works for me.

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i’m over crying.
and i’m done moping.
what are other, more fabuolous options?

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I crank this shit up to 11.

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Get out your Awesome Auger and till your garden.

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@PupnTaco, haha. good one.
@asmonet, i applaud.

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Sleep and start again tomorrow.

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Tell my husband I need a hug. Meet up with a good friend for a lovely glass if wine. Get stoned, put on some radiohead and take a bubble bath.

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Go to bed then listen to Jerry Seinfeld. I simply cannot resist his humor.

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Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Wake up and open the shades to let in some light.

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Sleep, cry, sleep some more. Sleep until it hurts, then drag myself out of bed, wipe my crusty eyes, and continue on with life.

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Drink. Really! It helps.

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I usually keep to myself. I won’t go hangout with friends and take the dog to the park. I work things out in my head for a day or two, and then gradually get back in the mix. I think you have to move on from dreadful feelings or regret. You wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t feel dread, all pain heals in time (just depends on how you take those feelings and the instance that made you feel this way). Thats just how I view it I guess.

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