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What do you do for a living? Do you like it?

Asked by skabeep (927points) November 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

for me it’s chemistry and my jobs great fun lol I love it

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I am a writer. I like it better than anything else that I have done.

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I work in data entry. It comes with a cubicle and a lack of human interaction, which is a great relief from the retail/customer service job I worked just before. I wouldn’t say I “like” it – it’s not my dream or anything – but it’s a job, it pays the rent, and it’s a darn sight better than kissing customer butt for a living.

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I’m a graphic designer full time and I teach same at a college part time.

I love what I do.

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I am a middle school teacher in an urban setting. I really love what I do. I know that I am making a difference and that instead of talking about the ills that befall our youth I am doing something in my little corner of the universe to affect a positive change. I don’t know of another career I would like to try out, short of starting and running a really progressive charter school to increase ethnic minority representation in politics, engineering, and medical fields. No, strike that, I would love to be a firefighter!

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I’m a Hotel Operator, and I am not achieving my potential.

Could you ever like it? There’s your answer.

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I’m finishing my undergrad which I hate but have crafted a mini-career as a technology consultant for a few individuals and small businesses that I love.

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At the end of the day, anything you have to do, even sometimes really makes it feel like a job.

I’m a designer by day, which is my main income. Which in theory is awesome. Until you start adding clients, deadlines, and worst of all a loss of creative control.

Honestly though, I’m not really complaining. Just reiterating the reality of best case scenarios.

If you don’t belive me, ask a pornstar.

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I am a Firefighter/EMT and I love my job. It is the most satisfying feeling you can have to save a life.

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@gooch I’m proud of all you firefighters, you do a heck of a job everyday.

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I am an auditor. I’m still waiting on that exciting, fun, facinating job to come by and sweep me off my feet. Or is that a guy I’m waiting on for that? I get them confused…

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I’m a full-time student, a part-time hip hop dancer, and a part-time barista. I also do some audio production work on the side.

I love what I’m doing, but I can’t wait to settle down a bit and focus on ONE thing. I’ll probably be involved in the local arts community, somehow or other. Aiming for grad school and/or an internship at a film company!

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I’m a firefighter/emt, and also a
Soldier in the Army National Guard. Both my jobs have action figures, how could I not love them?

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I was an art therapist and it was fabulous. Fabulous.

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I’ve been a military policeman for over two decades now and I have enjoyed it very much through the years. I always had an interest in law enforcement and the military is a good place to practice it (for me, anyway) while enjoying great benefits, good pay, world travel, and having my education paid for by the government.

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I learn for a living, and I love it.

The benefits are twofold: I increase my knowledge and get paid to do it.

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I’m a corrections officer. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. The parts I love are getting through to someone and changing their life’s direction, and building bonds so even the worst cop hater admits you’re not all bad. Professional courtesy is nice, too!

The parts I hate are dealing with stress and danger on a daily basis, seeing man’s inhumanity to man, mentally unstable inmates that we don’t have the training or resources to help, and strip searches.I have seen such gross things…

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I’m a professional tutor for a university, and I love my job.

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I’m a dispatcher, and I rather enjoy it.

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I work in Marketing, but my dream would be to be a writer or to do voice overs for cartoons or commercials.

So I guess I do love what I do, but am not doing what I would love most.

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I’m an Audiologist, and I love it. Even my patients comment that it shows that I really like what I do. I feel truly fortunate to have found my vocation.

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I’m a research consultant. I used to love it. Then I got sick, and now all I want to do is write.

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May I resurrect this older question as there are so many newer members here now? I sit on the board of several organizations and consult.I also volunteer a ridiculous amount of time to various things

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Bleh, update: I’m now unemployed. :D

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Just say “nooooooo” by the bay (RE volunteering to a ridiculous amount of things…..)

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@snoopy: I’m trying, I’m trying!!

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I live on the beach in Mexico. I just make sure that the few other people that come to stay for a few days get fed and watered. Most of them are interesting, dynamic and intelligent people from various backgrounds who approach the world with vigor and curiosity. Some of them are complete douche bags from various backgrounds that come near to appraoching the world with a long stick with a white tip. Over all, I am a very lucky person to be doing what I am doing, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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@JoshLake Wow! Sounds too good to be true :)

welcome to Fluther

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@Snoopy Yeah, I keep waiting for the other foot to fall.

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I’m in the military and its a secure job. I’m not proud of what I do because i dont do anything but sit at a computer all day. (dont get me wrong, i’m proud of the military just not my job) However, when i meet new people i tell them i’m a writer because that is something i’m very proud of. took me almost seven years to finally get published. a dream i’ve been struggling with for a long time. and pretty soon i’m going to do it again. So yes-ish i like-ish my job…-ish…

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I am a banquet chef, I love it. I love doing weddings and what not, adding something delicious to an already beautiful day feels good.

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Retired Army officer, maybe someday I’ll have some form of employment again. Unlikely in my present mental state.

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