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Have I always been a cynic at heart, or am I one of the recently converted?

Asked by Siren (3404points) November 3rd, 2008

I always considered myself a pretty good optimist, but in light of a lot of bad world and local news lately, find my opinions to be rather on the jaded side. I HOPE to return to my optimistic roots, but is it possible in this day and age? Also, is it really just me or have there been a lot of converts to the belief of cynicism lately? What’s the prognosis, you cynics and optimists out there, and can I/should I look forward to a more optimistic outlook on life, or settle down as a permanent member of the cynic club? Thanks for your opinion.

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I would chalk it up to information overload. I miss the good old days of not really knowing what was going on in the world. Then the Internet came along and I hear about mostly bad stuff.

The bad stuff was always there. I just didn’t know about it. And I was happier.

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I’m more of a pessimist than a cynic, but that is just my nature. Can a true optimist really change? You’d be optimistic about the idea that you could regain you optimism, and so on…

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Maybe you should limit your mass-media intake a little. Go outside and enjoy the world and you won’t be as pessimistic.

It’s hard to be a pessimist when you have your endorphins flowing from a good bike ride/jog.

I don’t mean to label you as someone who doesn’t go outside but in my experience, this helps. Media is pure depression and getting away from it makes me more optimistic.

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Once a cynic, always a cynic.

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My cynicism seems to be wavering a little with the new change in government (hope!). I wonder if it is a bump in the road or if I was indeed watching too much tv/news/internet news. I’ll keep you posted.

Cynic out!

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