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What is happening to Fluther?

Asked by AstroChuck (37548points) November 3rd, 2008

I know it isn’t just me that is noticing all the hate that’s been infecting this site. Between the bible thumpers and the bigots, what’s going on? I know that many of these “problems” will take care of themselves. Most will likely just get bored with this site and move on to some white supremacy website somewhere. But why the influx of these loons now? Does it have to do with the election? Has the moon been getting abnormally full lately? Is it going to get better soon? They seem to be filling this site and I’m sick of their sh**!
I just want my Fluther back.

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I think things will calm down after the election.

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I hope things calm down after the election.

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Astro, I hadn’t even seen it. How’s that for stupidity. But it scares me to know you have.
IF it has something to do with the election:. Yikes.

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Somebody just tell me it isn’t only me.

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it isnt only you

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I have seen the religious zealots, but I thought they always existed here. As for racism, I can’t recall seeing any.

Can you link to any threads, or has the content all be removed?

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I’m trying to stay away from any political questions because I still have my F7 key mapped so it inserts a “Fuck Off and Die.”

Sometimes I fail. Things should be better soon and you aren’t the only person to notice it.

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Watch your mouth, young man.

I’ve noticed it as well, I think it’s just one of those things that happens occasionally and will go away soon.

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Well, what the hell do I know? Apparently I’m JackAdams!

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I figure it will go away soon enough.
How much fun can it be arguing pointlessly if people ignore you?

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There does seem to be an increase lately…has Fluther been mentioned or featured in some extremist blog or something?

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Oh you must never have tried.

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Yeah Breed, poor thing, what the hell was that all about? :P

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@astro, this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. It seems to happen in waves. I find it pretty entertaining myself. One of these recent guys (can’t remember who) is like besafe’s twin.

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I’m staying…sometimes you learn something, and sometimes it’s just fun to tap the glass.

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I’m just gonna tap my heels together three times and say, I wish they would go away…

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Think about all of the issues that stem directly from the election season.

gay marriage—> homosexuality
abortion—> religion
economics—> types of government
ridiculous accusations against Obama—> more religion, more government

Many of the questions that end up in religious wars or right vs. left wars began as election issues. Of course, some did not, but even some of those questions were at least inspired by the election!

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one last huge surge of insane arguments right when someone gets elected. Then, we’ll probably settle down.

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It must be election season.

I agree with the general consensus that it will chill out in a few weeks time.

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I think it will level out as well.

Also, these are very emotional topics.

I have had seen really hot discussions between people and then seen the same people go on to be completely fine on several other threads.

I guess we all have our buttons.

I myself get a rash that accompanies confrontation so I avoid it.

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seeing that I just returned yesterday from my unexpected hiatus, I have noticed a few instances of what you’re talking about, but these things usually work themselves out…

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welcome back Bsilver!

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Fluther has been regressing to the mean for as long as I’ve been here.

The more people you have, the more likely it is that the aggregate will be relentlessly average. It’s what happens in most web communities: the people who are there first are intelligent and cool, and then other people find out. Statistics say that some of the newcomers are going to be below average, and that doesn’t help; and then, when old-timers leave, that brings down the average even more.

The remarkable thing here isn’t that this is happening—it’s that Fluther has managed to avoid the slide into idiotic irrelevance for as long as it has.

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There has been a horrific amount of religiness going on. I’m as sick of that as I am of politicking.

Come on, people! W W JP D? A little crotch-punching may be in order.

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I’ve only been on this site for a week and already saw some ugly racism raise it’s ugly head in a discussion. May I venture to suggest that perhaps this site is just getting more popular, and hence attracting the “fringe elements” now, as the population shifts its gaze to our nice forum?

Perhaps someone can ask the question: if you are a neo-nazi, what brought you to this site? I will be hiding out in my bunker watching the response.

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@knotmyday: I will participate in the crotch-bunching.

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I mean punching

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either works…:^D

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Crotch-munching, on the other hand…

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@shadling: Similar to crotch-lunching?

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Yes. And crotch-crunching.

As Kevin once said, “Hey, uh, welcome, nuts. Munch a bunch of your nutty friend’s lunch.”

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OH, what have I began! I guess we’ve scared the religious-minded out of this question Knotmyday.

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For all interested (and the majority not) I have posed the question: What is crotch-bunching?

I now return to this wonderful topic:


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things don’t go away easy.

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I’ll tell you what:

Just look at some of the questions and posts from after the election last night. People are already getting closer to agreement and further from hate.

McCain supporters are conceding as respectfully as he did last night. They’re ready to gather behind a new President.

Obama supporters are even praising the maturity and elegance of McCain’s speech.

It’s wonderful!

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I think both candidates were pretty graceful this time around, in their speeches and to each other. I’m not basing this comment on their commercials however! Should we bother even addressing those?

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would it accomplish anything positive?

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We used to have that problem in the AOL Atheist chat rooms, an influx of Christian proselytizers. We usually just played the Jesus game until they got sick of it and went away.

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Rampant on the interwebz.

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