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Why can't I make clockwise circles with my right foot whilst drawing a number 6 in the air with my right hand?

Asked by Bioplasmic (123points) November 4th, 2008

Brain,hand, and foot control conundrum

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I couldn’t do that either! Very strange!!

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Whoa, man. I just tried doing it at my desk. This is super weird. I do FINE, until it’s time to loop the 6!!!

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I can do it!

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@petethepothead: maybe being a pothead bestows hand-eye coordination benefits unknown to science until this very day!

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Johnthedrunkard can do it too.

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For anyone who can’t do it: draw the six backwards. Start with the loop and go out.

I know, I know, totally not the challenge, but I couldn’t do the real version. And it made me sad.

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I can’t do it if I start the two motions at the same time, but if I start rotating my foot first and then do the six, it’s easy!

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What a mindf*ck.

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I did it! But I was always really good at the “Pat your head / Rub your belly” game.

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That was easy. Apparently being a pothead, a drunkard
and/or generally sleep-deprived can be quite advantageous.

Asm: What about the “Draw A Square With Your Left Hand / Draw A Circle With Your Right Hand” game?

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Never tried it, one second…


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I’m a pothead and I couldn’t do it. :(

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@EmpressPixie Well, there is no law about how to draw a 6. You’re in the clear :D

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