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Asked by tonedef (3935points) November 4th, 2008

This is a friendly reminder to get your ass to the polls today. If you’ve already voted, how were the lines? Did you avoid them by voting early?

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I VOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i’m so proud!)

the lines were okay. i went at about 7:30, and I left by 8:00.

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I avoided any line at all by voting two weeks ago at a fairly out of the way polling station.

I watched Obama vote on CNBC.

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@empresspixie: I voted last week, and the wait was approximately 18 seconds. I’m glad I got in there early.

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I voted for PnL.

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There was only one person in line ahead of me this morning.

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I Voted too :) I went @ the same time as Chica strangely (also left by 8). The lines were conspicuous by their absence! Our voting location did a fantastic job of keeping the process efficient. You go in, tell them what street you live in, they direct you to a specific table, then give you your ballot(s) on a clipboard, you go sit anywhere in the gym (this was a school) fill out the ballot, go back to that table and send in your ballot via the scanner. I was voter # 64 from my area. There were booths for privacy, but THOSE you would have to wait for and i didn’t really care if anyone saw how I was voting.

I do have a side Q though – on your ballots, how were the presidential/vice presidential nominees names set up? I mean…the order of the names?

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@PnL: McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden, Nader/Gonzalez, Barr/Whoeverthehell, McKinney/?, etc. etc. etc.

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@ tonedef – see, I ask because on our (Ohio) ballot, it went McCain, then Mckinney, then some other guy, then Obama then Barr, and I thought that was strange. I mean, why wouldn’t you put the 2 main options on the top? I thought maybe it’s going alphabetically (by last name), which would make sense, if they didn’t put Barr after Obama instead of as the first option. I just found it suspicious I guess.

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@PnL, I was uber-sensitive about each and every detail, because (1) my provisional ballot in 2004 was not counted, and (2) because I’ll be damned if they steal this one, too. I noticed the order of candidates on each category, and analyzed it to death. Then, gave up, bubbled in my votes, and fed it to the big machine.

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I sent in an absentee ballot. But I now just realized they spelled my name wrong during the primaries, so I’m praying my vote gets counted.

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I should add that Fluther, just like Starbucks and Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry’s, has vote incentivizing! Free lurve with an “I Voted” sticker! ;)

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I just got back from voting. I sure hope I made some good choices!

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It’s raining out, I don’t think I’ll vote this time! :)

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I just got back from voting. The was no line waiting to vote in my precinct, but some of the others (in the same college library) had about 12 people waiting.

And I voted wearing my new JellyShirt which arrived yesterday! That makes me doubly proud

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I went in before work today, got my little red sticker on. I waited 20 minutes, which is actually a long time for my polling place, they’re very efficient and they seem to maintain a pretty good flow of people throughout the day. In Minnesota we’re used to high turnout, so 20 minutes is quite a while. Some people were lined up an hour before polls opened though!

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I voted right as the polls were opening, there were a lot of people there but no wait. My kids’ school is a polling place and the line was winding through the halls. The school secretary told me they had been lining up since 7:00 and that she had never seen that before. GO AMERICA! OBAMA 08!

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I’d vote if I could.

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I voted early by absentee ballot. I hope no one is deterred from voting because of long lines.

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@PnL: Here is a photo of my ballot. I live in NC. We only had three choices.

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I wish I’d thought to take a picture of mine!

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I voted absentee. So handy. One phone call and we got the ballots delivered to us. No lines, no waiting. We hand delivered ours to the office of the Supervisor of Elections. That way we got our “I voted” stickers.

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I am poll-watching for the Dems from 12–3 today. We have two machines for approximately 1600 registered voters. No lines, no waiting, lots of camaraderie across the aisles. Everyone knows everyone.

I cross off all Dems. and Independents, as they vote, from my Board of Elections print-out (as do the Rep. officials.) In late afternoon, we start calling the MIA’s and offering them rides to the polls, (as do the Republicans).

Milo’s registration was denied. They didn’t like the red paw print.

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@gailcalled: Milo is too young! Don’t worry; he’ll be 18 before you know it.

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@GoS – ah! now that’s more like it. now i just need to move to NC

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I voted for Obama, which is the first time I ever voted for a Democrat.

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Go Rawpixels! Woo!

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@rawpixels: Woo!

I’m leaving to vote, right this second. Hurray!

Don’t you wish this was the excitement and attention every election got?

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I voted last Wednesday, and had to wait in line for an hour!

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That works if your name is pronounced, like “Monet,” or like, “Hey! Must be the mon-ay!”

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teehee, I got a cheer!

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Yup, the GOP has lost their way. They need to stop pandering to the uninformed religious nuts. I’ll support them again if they start acting like Goldwater/Ron Paul Republicans.

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I voted!!! I waited in line with my husband for about an hour and a half. Now I am going to starbucks to get my free coffee! YAY!!!

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@adina – i don’t think the free coffee thing is until the evening (starts at 5 or 6 pm i think). You might want to call your local Starbucks to find out when they start handing out the free coffee.

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My little old lady neighbor was volunteering at the polls.
She gave me an extra sticker. gasp
Voter Sticker fraud!

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This Voter Sticker Fraud conspiracy is growing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Starbucks went bankrupt by the end of the day.

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I voted! It took about three hours. I have never waited like this ever before. I went a little after nine and just got back. The number of people voting is impressive!

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I voted at 8:30am. Only one other person voting. So no line. The poll workers outnumbered us…

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Someone gave me their sticker. Now I have a fraud-y sticker.

(But I didn’t get one when I voted!!)

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Who else loves the little Vote Poll on top of Fluther? :D

You’d think it woulda seen my avatar and figured it out. The whole process from leaving my front door to giving them my ballot took about 20 minutes. I was kind of disappointed, I had my iPod and everything…

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@asmonet – I got voter lurve!
@nimis – you’re quick! I pasted the wrong link at first : p

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@fireside: I love how epic +30 lurve is. It’s clearly muy importante.

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Fireside: All the tentacles come in handy.

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I voted and didn’t have to wait at all. I live in a small town and there were two places to go… Apparenly there was a good 2 hour wait at the other place. So I’ve heard. I guess I lucked out.

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I’d vote, only I’m Canadian. :)

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I’m back from my three-hour stint. There were two voting booths, no waits of more than 5 minutes, lots of chatter about Medicare D rate increases, cats, gardens, today’s NYT crossword puzzle, and tons of home-made snacks for all. I replaced my sister as poll watcher, and my best friend (gay male) replaced me.

We have officially 1217 registered voters. Many used absentee ballots. The largest turnout was two years ago… between 800–900 people voted, and we were trying to change the tilt of the town council. I’ll get a full head count tonight.

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I did the smart thing! I use subscribe to the mail in ballots every election! Not lines! Just a lot of research.

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I voted. Waited about 30 min. That was because they only had two people checking you in. They each had a book filled with the same info.

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@gail – you’re lucky! my dad is manning the polls today. 5:30am to 9:00pm!

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First time voter! Finished about five minutes ago. No line, no wait. It took about 45 seconds for the entire ballot.

A positive experience for sure.

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@fire; your dad is an OFFICIAL and gets paid, although not very much. I volunteered; the gang who got up at 4:30 AM were stuffing themselves with doughnuts, popcorn and black coffee while I did my stint. That did not bode well for their blood sugar at 9:01 PM when they all had to count votes and agree. But there is a tremendous amount of camaraderie between the parties.

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All of us should be Election Officials at some point, I loved doing it.

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don’t blame me i voted for pedro.

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@gail: lol, why did you specify the gender and sexual orientation of your best friend?

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Because of the demographics of the old-timers in my town. It was hard-core Republican, anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-sex-before-marriage, anti-higher education, anti-abortion, pro-alcohol and wife-beating, pro-hunting (with a few beers at 5AM), pro-going-to-church, often too poor to send kids to dentists, and a consistent “don’t tread on me” attitude. I mentioned my friend because of the subtle change around town government. (Sorry, I had forgotten to give the thesis, just the concluding sentence.)

Our unofficial figures, not including the absentee ballots, which will be heavily for Obama.

Obama: 528
McCain: 282

The Dems. in the county had a clean sweep. It used to be a solid Republican ‘hood.

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