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Who out there is absolutely frightened of the GOP winning the election today?

Asked by maccmann (659points) November 4th, 2008

Seriously. If McCain and that airhead from Alaska win today, I am moving to Canada. I am truly frightened of what will become of this great nation of ours if those two win. To say that I am stressed about this is a galactic understatement. Like Obama said “Eight is enough.” I am also concerned about election poll shannanagins, as was evidenced in 2000, as well as 2004.

Concerned. Very…very concerned.

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I don’t know which phrase I’m more sick of: Lesser of two evils or I’m moving to Canada

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I’m pretty confident that we will have an Obama victory.

But when I saw “McCain – Palin” on the ballot today I did have a moment of fear. Nothing we can do now but wait it out.

And if you haven’t voted yet, GO VOTE!

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Oh, I voted.

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i think Obama will win, I have some very very mild anxiety at this point. But I did everything I could to change that. See, avatar.

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Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

Ah, laughed my ass off at that one.

Anyway, I’m terrified of the GOP winning. I voted a while ago, so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

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I am not afraid of them winning today, but I am afraid of them stealing the election.

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I give it 3, maybe 4 more hours tops of us Godless liberals sweating it out before we see the first signs of a blue wave washing over our nation. Personally I think there are going to be some surprises, all of which favor Obama tonight (Georgia, anyone?)

btw, lurve to Camera for reminding me about that website.

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Yes I’m scared as hell, I don’t want world war 3.

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My daughter moved to Canada a year go and may be moving back to the states because the Canadian gov’t makes it almost impossible to get a permanent visa. That particular beaurocracy is a labyrinthean mess.

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They are stealing Virginia as we speak

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If the last eight years haven’t made you move to Canada already then I doubt anyone is going anywhere. Maybe it’s because I live with a bunch of republicans in the country that I am not frightened of them. Yes, their beer might be inferior and their politics a bit annoying but I am not scared of them.

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I actually totally believe Virginia will be blue in the next few hours.

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edit; ago…..bureaucracy ^^

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This statement masquerading as a question is still here??

“Seriously. If McCain and that airhead from Alaska win today, I am moving to Canada” WTF??

I’d have no difficulty with this question remaining were it not for some of mine (none containing words like “airhead”) getting bounced so quickly.

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I am really frightened to think that there would be enough Americans really stupid enough to think having McCain and Palin in office is a good thing.

Are there really 100 million really stupid Americans?

Regardless, I’m not moving. I will stay and fight for my country. I hate the sight of refugees fleeing before opposing armies. I am more likely to join the towns people and fight both armies.

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