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Is there a way to make fluther list the answers to questions with the most recent post first rather than last?

Asked by hossman (3261points) August 20th, 2007
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Are you refering to the main questions page or the answers on a question? I don't think I'd want to see the newest first on an individual question, because then when someone replies to someone else it'd be weird.

I would like some way of marking which ones are new though.

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We probably won't implement this from the main browse page since we want to encourage people getting their bearings on the discussion (and what's already been discussed) before chiming in. But it'd be pretty useful from activity alerts, wouldn't it... especially if you've been following the discussion.

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Yes. Not if I go to the question from the home page, but if it comes up in my activity alert. In fact (boy, I'm being awful demanding here), if you go to the question from your activity alert, it would somehow highlight only the new responses, or at least place the most recent posts at the top. If we needed, then we could follow the history backwards. Or perhaps give us the option of either direction from activity alerts. Please ask ava not to be mad at me if this keeps andrew out of the sunlight for the next week. By the way, have you seen the vampire/zombie debate?

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I second Perchik.
I prefer to have them keep it just the way it is. I read through the answers and keeping it first to last allows me to understand when one poster references something another has said.

Maybe a date to see how recent the last post is.

It would be nice if fluff could be removed. And add a flag marks, for off topic or fluff. No one wants to flag responses as abuse but some are often meaningless or off topic. Whoa I think I’m getting off topic myself.

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