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Suggestions for "Fluther jargon"?

Asked by hossman (3261points) August 20th, 2007

Not that we need any more new terms flooding the dictionaries, but perhaps one way to promote fluther is to coin a few words in the hopes they work their way into the language, a way to advertise in Webster's. Maybe a T-shirt with the new words, too.

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I'll start. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to andrew and a few other fluther users, and someone suggested "fluthermuther" for peggylou.
My proposals:
fluthermuther: Someone who is a constant source of encouragement on fluther. peggylou, gailcalled, the list goes on.
flutherer, flutherite, flutherian: possible terms for a frequent fluther user.
fluthermucker: someone who posts inappropriately, profanely, or rudely, someone who is believed to "muck up" the site.
flutherhover: someone who asks or reads but never answers.
fluthering: using fluther.
flutherflutter: Controversy, heated words or passion in a thread.
fluthdit: political pundit on fluther.

Your thoughts?

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Flutherdruther-an area to adjust ones preferences on fluther?

Hmmm. Not sure about definitions, but here are a few other thoughts:

fluthercon (this can be our meet and greet)


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don't forget Fluthercrush!

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What about "flutherbuddy"?

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Hey, you guys are great! I love the fluther jargon!

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oh no! I’m a flutherhover.

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Flutherism :)

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don’t forget Fluve. Like lurve, only fluffy.

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