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How happy are you that Obama won?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) November 4th, 2008

‘nuff said

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I did a dance in front of my tv!

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I took my dog out to pee.

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not really. i wasn’t particularly pro mccain or obama. i had just preferred mccain over obama.

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I hope he doesn’t get shot when he steps on stage in Chicago…

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I’m numb with shock, even though I knew this day would come two years ago.

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Oh my god!!!! Why would you say that???

Is it true? Really?

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I think the next four years will be a horrible awakening.

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4 more years! 4 more years!

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I voted for McCain because I’m pro-lifer to the core, but I congratulate Obama nevertheless, if this is what it meant to be than God Bless Obama.

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I’m in England, and I’m so happy. I got a heap of text messages from friends who were watching this with me. Congratulations America.

Fucking landslide.

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I am so proud of America right now; except for the haters who boo the next president.

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happy happy HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

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hey one question.. where can i find out what props passed or didnt pass??

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I’m stoked. I think they are both pretty good guys but I really didn’t want 4 more years of GOP control.

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@melly- What state?
If California, it’s gonna be awhile before we know anything.

I’ll give McCain credit. He gave a classy concession speech.

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!!!!!!!!!!! speechless

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Just. Wow.

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I am in great dismay.

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yeah in california.. thanks.. im really anxious about find out what props passed and which ones didnt.. this is my first time voting for president so im way interested.. :) im very proud of my self for voting

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I’ll believe it in 4 years when we re-elect him for a second term.

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seVen What a gracious and generous answer. Believe me this is a gift to us all! lurve to you! :0)

Happy does not describe what I am feeling, I am so proud, so stunned that my eyes are leaking. sniffle

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@molly- If you’re watching your local news you’ll see some of the early results, but because of the high number of mail-in ballots, I’ve read that it will take at least a day before we really know results.

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Watching the speech right now, I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve looked
upon our president with any sense of national pride and hopeful expectation.

Again. Wow.

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Looking forward to hearing more from lefteh now that the election is finally over.

Damn, I’m so proud of our citizens!

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There was a victory run around my campus. I didn’t join it, but I shouted “yes we can!” into the camera. Oh, and as the Vice President of the Democrat organization on campus, I helped organize the election day party in order to watch the polls.

There was much hugging and shrieking. Needless to say, I don’t think I have ever been happier.:D:D:D:D

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Yata! Yata!

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I’m so happy, I feel like kissing somebody.

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astrochuck…. are you talking to me cause you keep putting molly

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Despite the fact that I am in love with New Zealand (my current location), I am overwhelmingly happy that I do not have to find work and a place to live here. I can hold my head high for the rest of my trip. Thank you USA!!

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sure sure, rub in the fact that my spelling bites :P

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I can finally love America again. I am overwhelmed with love and emotion and thankful my idealism and hope was not crushed.

I have never felt more dedicated to a President and what (s)he stands for, than I do at this moment.

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I was filled with a deep, heartfelt sense of relief and hope and an ending of an edgy feely that I was not even aware was there all the time.

McCain’s speech was excellent. I very much hope his supporters take it to heart. I hope they watched our new President’s speech, which was as real and moving as he is.

I ask only that those who did not support him give him a chance.

Yes, we can. But it will take all of us.

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@melly- Sorry. It’s a combination of old eyes and small iPhone screen.

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with subtitles

G R Double-E N Leaves
G R Double-E N Leaves
It’s so easy! Happy-go-lucky!
We are the world! We did it!
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! (Unh!)

All right! All right!
We’re doin’ great in college!
All right! All right!
Made president at our jobs!
Long as we’ve one leaf on, we’re doin’ fine! Hey, we’re lucky just ‘cause we’re alive!

All right! All right!
We’ve been confirmed for the prize!
All right! All right!
We’re representing Japan!
We’re so healthy, it just makes ya sick!
Everybody say “All right!”

Japan’s got crises (but)
Tomorrow’s wonderful
Even if somebody’s mean to us, we just go to bed and
Snore! Snore! Snore! Snore! Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! (Good morniiiiing!)

All right! All right!
We got nine hours of sleep!
All right! All right!
Woke up and jumped outta bed
What kinda great things might await us now? Hey, we’re lucky just ‘cause we’re alive!

All right! All right!
If there’s a change in you
All right! All right!
Then the whole world will change too.
Getting through it unhurt’s the best of all. Just stand up straight because it feels greeeaat!!

I drink water that’s tasty! (All right!)
I get in the sun and feel toasty! (All right!)
Havin’ a belly laugh’s fun! (All right! All right!)
Try keeping dogs—they’re cute! (All right!)


As we brushed past each other, you favored me with a smile.
It’s okay if we never meet again. I’m lucky you were here just for a while!

We’ve got recession these days…in goverment we’ve no faith.
Could we hit “reset,” that’d be number one! And since we’re all here, it’s just so much fun!

All right! All right!
In university class
All right! All right!
We’ve got a movie star!
Long as we’ve one leaf on, we’re doin’ fine! We’re all together, it’s a happy time!

All right! All right!
Long as we still can breathe in…
All right! All right!
Long as we still can breathe out…
We’re so healthy, it just makes ya sick!
Everybody say “All right!”



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Whoa! I just gave birth to a litter of kittens!

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I’m absolutely thrilled and will sleep better tonight than I have in a week. I think Obama is really special and I support him with my whole heart. I finally understand how it feels to believe in something.

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Anyone interested in the California propositions can keep track of results real-time here. There’s a pop-down tab under “Election Results” where you can select various races, including propositions.

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Barack ‘n Roll! Hell yeah!

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I cried through his acceptance speach. For the first time in my 37 years, I actually looked to the President (elect) as a symbol of hope and sincerity and not as just another politician.


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I had no one to kiss, I’m kissing all ya’ll. KISSES!

You all have earned puppies.

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Just keep those puppies away from my newborn kittens!

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They’ll be friends! No bipartisan litters here. I’m disappointed in you, Chuck.

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I am so glad that I literally do not have the words to describe what I feel right now.

… Hope for the future.

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I’m with you Drastic.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been born and come of age at a time when another monumental decision is made, and doubly blessed that I could be a part of it. Those are simple words but it’s all I have. I cannot possibly further express how incredibly special I feel and how incredibly special I think this country is at this moment to have been given the opportunity and taken that opportunity to achieve this..

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Beautifully said, asmonet.

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@alenad thanks i was looking at where the propositions where

OMG IM SO UPSET.. i dont want prop 8 to pass :(

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adjective love

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I cried tears of joy, yelled out in celebration and celebrated with some other people on Fluther! I think I scared my dog, but that’s ok, she calmed down and I know I woke up my son – he was happy that Obama won. He’s 5 and did a happy dance – then went back to bed.

I have hope, for the first time in 8 years, that our country to get back on track.

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I am so incredibly happy I can’t begin to describe it. I am thrilled that he won, and what that means about us as a nation – and how far we’ve come. The best part? My 14 year-old daughter, passionately pro-Obama, did not understand my tears of joy. “It’s not that big of a deal, Mom.”, she said. What a blessing that she sees nothing special about electing a black man as President. Now that says a lot about how far we’ve come!

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lurve for you augustlan, partly for raising an open minded child.

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I’m delighted for you Americans…...and relieved for the rest of us!!

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PS: My best friend, a Republican, called me immediately after they called the election for Obama. She told me she had voted for him, and that it was because I’d convinced her! It was the cherry on top of my sundae : )

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You’re the cherry on top of my Obama sundae, Aug.

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a goggleplex happy.

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I am very very happy and wish that people in countries affiliated with America could have voted too. The only thing is, now I’m embarrassed by our prime minister, Kevin Rudd. I mean, when Bush was around it was ok because we could sort of be thankful that no one could be as bad a him, but I will be feeling embarrassed when Rudd is introduced to Obama.

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Mostly I feel a sense of relief. Change is coming whether we want it or not. Now at least we have someone who will allow us to prepare for it. Be aware that change does not come easily or without a price.

I hesitate to become too invested in a single person, but the symbolism of this moment is awesome. I am hoping that Obama’s election will usher in a change in our national consciousness.

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I had the special treat of celebrating tonight in the streets of San Francisco.
Never in my life have I ever experienced anything like it.

There was celebration in the air. People were shouting and cheering. A friend of mine said, “This is like Italy after a soccer match! But this time it means something!” Exactly.

As for me, I’m deeply moved. I hadn’t realized how much power I had assigned to the neo-con’s. I didn’t think they would “allow” this to happen. I still have some fear about what they might do. But… I am stunned to feel hope for our country awakening within me.

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I jumped, screamed, cheered, hugged, kissed, and otherwise made a lot of noise and harassed my boyfriend when he won. I’m so happy it isn’t even funny.

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You know that “root for and debate for and argue for your candidate for months and months and months and he is bashed and bashed and bashed and you get robocalls and hate flyers and your son is told hateful things at school about him from kids who’s parents told them things but then your candidate opens up a can of “total and complete first black president win by a landslide popular and electoral vote” whoopass” Happy?

Just like that

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Bri, that was beautiful!

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@bri: I second augustlan.

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@bri: I third that.

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Thanks all. I was trying to think “why I was so happy” aside from the hope I feel for the country and the world (as if that were not enough).

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