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Will Obama defend net neutrality?

Asked by Magnus (2860points) November 4th, 2008 from iPhone

iz teh Internets safe??!1 lul

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I recall reading an article a while back about obama being for net neutrality. It looks like the interwebs will be safe. (Its not a big truck)

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Yes. He was a sponsor of the S.215 Internet Freedom Preservation Act, one of 11 sponsors.

So out of all the senators who could have sponsored the Bill, Senator [ahem, President] Obama was one of 11 to sponsor it.

Internet Freedom Preservation Act – Amends the Communications Act of 1934 to establish certain Internet neutrality duties for broadband service providers (providers), including not interfering with, or discriminating against, the ability of any person to use broadband service in a lawful manner. Allows providers to engage in activities in furtherance of certain management and business-related practices, such as protecting network security and offering consumer protection services such as parental controls. Prohibits a provider from requiring a subscriber, as a condition on the purchase of broadband service, to purchase any cable service, telecommunications service, or IP-enabled voice service. Requires a report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to specified congressional committees on provider delivery of broadband content, applications, and services.

Keep track of bills and actions in Congress at

Take part and know who is voting for what.

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Yes. He. Will.

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We might’ve never had Obama girl if it wasn’t for a neutral internet, of course he’ll support net neutrality!

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Fuck yeah!

This is the first I’ve head of Obama Girl…thank you. thank you.

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Heh, you’re welcome.

I’m with Rogers internet who has this weird cooperative agreement with Yahoo. What if they strike an agreement to only allow Yahoo Answers over Fluther? Shivers.

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Yes, he will. You can read that position on his website under “issues”.

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