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How to sell your soul to the devil?

Asked by rj325 (153points) November 5th, 2008

how? or someone else’s soul.

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First you have to summon the devil.
Then you make a deal with him.
Like Dr. Faustus.

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law school?

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@kay Agreed, I’d say become a lawyer is pretty close

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Get a good price for it because once it belongs to Lucifer, you’re sure as hell not getting it back.

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i was thinking of something like what steve jobs did for the ipods ;p

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you could always challenge him to a fiddle contest.

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I already sold mine

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Vote Republican.

I kid.

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Go down to the crossroads. Fall down on your knees. At midnight a man will come up to you. Ask him what you want. He will give you a tool, such as a pen for writing, a guitar for playing, or a special coin for buying. After this you will have wealth untold but you will spend an eternity in hell.

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Run for office.


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I would know how.

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One time when I was in sixth grade I made a girl sign a piece of paper that entitled her soul to me. Once I told her what the contract was she cried and told the teacher. The teacher then told me to rip it up, but little did she know I had told the girl that if I ripped it up she would go straight to hell. So with a big grin I turned to the girl and ripped it in half. She cried some more :)

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nobody wanted to hear the vampire crap before, and I guarantee you nobody wants to hear it now.

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****Hiss**** easy there, I’m not starting anything, and therfore I don’t wish to, but if you do, well…...I’m in happy mood today. Dzykie-it means; we cool?

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calm down wrestle. don’t be hissin at poof! ***hisses back**

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goosefraba (from anger managment movie) and as long as he don’t insult me it’s cool, as you notice I have strong pride.

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It’s easy to do! Just live your life in terms of a system, any system you choose,instead of living your life out of your own center. The unfortunate thing is some kind of system will always be with us the church, the government, society in general or your own family. The trick is to maintain balance. When you get up in the morning, ask yourself, “What is motivating me to life action today?” If you like the answer you’re probably on the right track.

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