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How do I get rid of slow moving flour bugs?

Asked by wanda110 (14points) August 20th, 2007

My bread drawer just hosted a batch of these annoying little creatures. Now that I have cleaned them out and thrown away the affected food, is there a food safe repellent that I can use to keep them from returning?

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I had a similar problem with moths in my cabinets...people had some good responses when I posted here on Fluther:

The best thing to do, which worked in my experience, is to throw everything out, and once you buy all new food, buy those extra-large ziploc
bags and keep any opened packages inside of them, whether it's flour, sugar, cookies, rice, bread--anything. The main thing is to make sure the bugs can't get in to lay their eggs, and the ziploc bag seems to work for me. I'd be concerned about any solutions that would have you spray anywhere near your food. If it's poisonous for bugs, it can't be good for your family either.

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I agree, I would not put any type of poison around my food supply. I have found that by placing flour,sugar, rice and cereal inside plastic bowls or cannisters with lids that seal really tight has solved my problems. I had a bad problem with "sugar ants", and once I cleaned out the pantry and put all of these items in plastic problem was solved!

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