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Will you miss Michael Crichton (or at least his writing)?

Asked by aidje (3662points) November 5th, 2008

He died. I’m sad.

He has a book that’s supposed to be released on December 2, but I don’t know anything about—not even a name, or if it was actually finished.

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What?! He was one of my favorite writers! As a person who seldom reads, he has often captured me in his books. That is something few have ever been able to accomplish.

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Oh, that’s sad. I hadn’t heard. Personally, he is one author whose works I enjoyed more in movie form than book form. Usually, it’s the other way around for me.

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I won’t miss his writing, which I wouldn’t really describe as literature. His pseudoscience infuriates me, yet he has received acclaim owing to his medical background (another reason why his pseudoscience bothers me—he should know better).

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Wow, I was HUGELY saddened when I read your question here. Michael Crichton was a great author, in my opinion, and one of my favorites and he had a hand in helping to create some good television shows also.

I’m sure he will be seriously missed by both fans and the entertainment industry.

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I only read Micheal Crichton books when I’m stuck in an airport and desperate.

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I was always amazed at his dual skills; MD and writer. But, I too thought his novels were boring with one-dimensional characters and strained plots. (I’m with Shi on this.)

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I think 66 is too young to die in this day and age. While Crichton was not exactly a literary giant, I admired his many-faceted skills. He also should be credited with almost singlehandedly creating a genre.

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i will miss his books a lot. my first “adult book” that i ever read was the andromeda strain. after that, i read congo, the lost world, and many other books by him. recently, some of his books had political aspects which i did not agree with, but it was interesting to get another point of view, i.e.: state of fear was typical conservative.

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What could be more crushingly final than the death of an author or an artist? The font is stopped, the stream is dry.

Despite his penchant for producing what some have referred to as “novel-length screenplays,” I believe I’ll still find myself enjoying his (abundantly prolific) body of work.

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I’m with knot. I hated his writing; but I loved it that whenever I’ve had to go on a long plane trip,
I could always find that he’d just released some new stupidity foolishness that I would enjoy the hell out of for five hours’ imprisonment.

I’m sadder about losing Tony Hillerman.

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No one’s mentioned yet, so I will… Jurassic Park!

Not the greatest cinema ever, sure… but imaginative, and bold for its time. Maybe I’m speaking more of the film adaptation? Not sure. I read a few of his books, enjoyed them, forgot them. I appreciate Crichton’s contribution. He gave his gift and made his mark.

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Jurassic Park is one of those rare occasions on which the book and movie had significant differences, but were both good in their own right.

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A moment of silence if you please

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It’s nice to see the outpouring. I was very angry with him, though, over his denial about global warming, and the weird influence he had in that respect. He testified in congress about how global warming was a sham, and wrote a (fictional) book on the topic, which he claimed was based in fact.

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The New York Times has an article about Crichton, focusing especially on his last two works. I gather that those last two books are the reason for many people’s dissatisfaction with him. I haven’t read either of them, so maybe that’s why I was taken off guard.

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“Literature” is great, but sometimes you want to read something easy. You want to leave the humdrum of reality, and live vicariously in an imaginary world, peopled by heroes and heroines. A world of adventure….exciting things you don’t get to do in real life.

That was the many worlds of Michael Crichton. Places and people outside your quiet world. Interesting worlds….I’ll miss his “easy” reading books. I’ll miss going into one of his worlds for exciting adventures.

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I finished Next last month. Not his greatest work, but it was very thought-provoking and so far ahead of its time. He always had a way with glimpsing into a realistically possible, not too distant future. The world is better for him.

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I really liked his book called “The Sphere”. I also had to read Jurassic Park which I think sucked..

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