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Is there a service online that aggregates press releases based on keywords?

Asked by jballou (2128points) November 5th, 2008

I’m looking for any and all press releases that are related to a certain subject, but I can’t find a way to collect them without simply tracking each one down individually, which defeats the purpose!

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What about Google Alerts?

Granted, it’s e-mail and not RSS, but if you were looking for relatively few of these announcements, I think this would be a better option than RSS, anyway. If you have to slog through hundreds a week, I think RSS would be better.

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That would be very close to what I’m looking for, except I would want more frequent updates and ideally in an RSS format, as I would be looking through hundreds a week.

I would also prefer to search press releases directly, not just news/google. Thanks for your help though!

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