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Q: iphone = fun / Blackberry = Business, is this a true statement?

Asked by windex (2932points) November 5th, 2008

Would it be accurate to say that Blackberry users use their phones more for business as opposed to iphone users who use their phones more for fun?

There are obviously Blackberry users who don’t conduct business on their phones at all and iphone users who do.

But I just want to get a general idea, and see what you guys thinks. mini statistic

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iPhone = makes business fun

Blackberry is a glorified email device. I have become so much more productive on the job since I got the iPhone it’s ridiculous.

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What TaoSan said.

Particularly as an Apple user: My 2 desktops, laptop, and 2 iPhones are all synced.
We are much more efficient as a result.

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I think it depends on how well you use the mobileme software. If you use it well, syncing your mail, calendars, notes, contacts etc can make organization a breeze. But if you just load the thing with super monkey ball and pacman your going to see a decrease in productivity :)

I haven’t used a blackberry device, so I couldn’t comment.

My iPhone has helped me with my freelance work, mainly with the email and calendar apps.

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The iPhone does both. It’s funny how children are getting the iPhone as their first phone and buisness workers and switching from Blackberrys. A good example would be PIXAR. They make movies enjoyable for children and adults and that exactly what Apple does too. There’s no multiple iPhone version like the Blackberry. Just one version aimed at everyone and I think that’s great.

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Thanks all, you have opened my eyes!

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My blackberry stinks. I hate it. AND, as the cherry on this sundae of repugnance, I can’t Fluther on it.

I would enjoy crushing it with a rock.

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I LOVE my Blackberry and am very addicted to it! It has to be in my hands all day…

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