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Is there a mythical or fantasy creature or mortal that is more powerful than Vampires and Werewolves?

Asked by AndyB (6points) November 14th, 2006
Researching a theater piece.
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How do we define power in relation to Vampires, etc.? Is it the power to neutralize or to vanquish, or to be yet more evil? Is knowledge, as per Prof. Van Helsing (sp?) considered a power? Is faith, as per the Cross an expression of power? Is the vampire a symbol or a being? Would you consider the modern corporation to be the end product vampire of the industrial age?
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Grendel. From Beowulf.
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Of course, singing "Jesus Loves Me" over and over creates a force field which vampires and werewolves cannot enter. That saved me many a time.
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Vampires are immortal, right? (with the exception of a silver bullet or something like that) Are werewolves also immortal? There are some wicked Hindu gods / goddesses. Shiva, the destroyer. Brahma, the Creator. and Vishnu, the preserver. Kali is rather bad-ass when she gets angry, so is Ravana but they don't have immortality...
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Harry Potter
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He can beat anything
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I would say that a Phoenix is possibly more powerful than either
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a dragon, too. they are virtually immortal, in their near impossibility to be slain, and could take out a vampire/werewolf army with ease
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undead warlocks are a bit much to tackle, also - they summon demons at their command, they are difficult to kill as they are surrounded in an aura of magical protection, and as they say it's difficult to kill something that's already dead. bit messy, i would say
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phoenix and/or dragon could both possibly seen as symbols of the light - for the dragon it would entirely depend on the type - and both warlocks and/or dragons (again) could symbolize creatures of the dark
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what are you researching...?
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(p.s. Grendel is certainly pretty badass, but he was less mythical, and more just a hermit you had been wronged in his childhood - everyone knows that inspires rage. besides - everyone knows that Grendel was real, anyway)
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This really all depends on who's description of these creatures/ people/ entities you are going with. Like, in the Harry Potter world, obviously a vampire can be dealt with by a wizard of only slightly above-average skill level, but in the belief system of your average romanian peasant of the late 16th century, a vampire is going to seem pretty powerful. I'd have to side with say, the fenris wolf or jormund of norse mythology, bringing about the apocalypse seems pretty powerful.
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the most powerful of the vampire and werewolf is those who have descended from the dragon bloodline.

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