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How do you decide who to add to your Fluther? Why doesn't anyone add me?

Asked by ccrash3 (375points) November 5th, 2008

Am I not interesting enough for you out there?? Huh? Huh?

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you answered your own question with your question, I think.

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I add people who demonstrate intelligence or wit in their responses and questions.

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@Lap: Seconded, or if we have something in common.

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I add people who seem to be intelligent or friendly, or, as asmonet said, if we have something in common.

Honestly, I don’t remember ever seeing you before. I don’t think we’ve crossed paths.

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I added you to my fluther, i think, I’ll double check.

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I’ve only been Fluthering a few weeks now. Perhaps I’m being a bit impatient. I love this forum! I know at the end of a long work day I now look forward to tapping the collective and reading what is on everyone’s minds.

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I use eveningwear, swimwear, and talent criteria to decide who makes the cut.

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tonedef….I’ll have to dust off my flute and practice my wave!

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hey I added you! that something right?

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I tend to add those with provactive questions or smart, succinct, informative answers. I generally look at their profile and previous questions. I’m looking you up now. . .

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OK. You’re in.

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hey ccrash if you need anything just ask, were family here. right?

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Thanks you guys! I’m looking forward to a long and interesting relationship…..(pass the tissue please)

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I add people based on whether I like the answers to questions that they give. If they are smart, informative, witty, if the answerer consistently adds to the collective, I add them. It doesn’t happen right away.

How do you add people to yours?

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There are a lot of people that I like that I haven’t added.
Mostly because I haven’t gotten enough of a feel for them yet.
Then on other days, I’m tempted to go the Gailcalled route
and not have anyone in my fluther. Much simpler that way.

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I suppose I gravitate towards people who make me laugh out loud and don’t take themselves too seriously. I understand the need of some to expound and lecture, but I’m more interested in “happy hour” as opposed to a college lecture. It’s cool. Everyone has their own agenda and that is what makes this forum so great. You can pick and chose those who’s views or thoughts mirror yours, or seek joy in the spattering of serious and off the wall responses.

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Did you mean to say smattering? Or perhaps sputtering? Ha.
(Though I am enjoying the visuals of spattering much more!)

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I only add people with whom I wish to have sex. Thusly, you’re added. I am so freakin easy

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what about me? I added you too.

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Actually Nimis, I meant spattering because of the visual. I see it as a hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas. I’m glad you enjoy the visual as well! And wrestle…you were my first (blush). Thanks!

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No prob(glows with happiness)

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I am adding you. Please add me too. Let’s be friends :)

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yeah sure just tell me about yourself if you can.

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My profile is now updated. I should have done that earlier.

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I only add people whose responses or input I like. Well, some people in my fluther are my arch-enemies – opinion-wise – but they are well spoken and rational enough to make the list.

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I think adding people to your fluther depends on your agenda on fluther: whether you have hard-core ideals/views which you will reinforce by your selectiveness in choosing fellow flutherers, or if you’re just here to have fun, or if you’re looking for real answers.

It’s all about each individual in my opinion. I’m somewhere in-between myself. :)

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I’m with you Siren. In between describes me as well..

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It usually takes a while before I’ll add someone. Consistently well spoken (written?), thoughtful, intelligent, or hilarious Qs or As usually prompts an “add”.

Edit: Just read your profile and added you. I’ve enjoyed several of your Qs. The fact that I got a good giggle while reading your fields of expertise (children is listed right after cooking!) didn’t hurt either ; )

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@Sueanne: I knew it! I’m irresistible.

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@Sueanne: Wait…so you want to have sex with Gail? I love her and all, but sex?!

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@Aug and Sueann; Sorry but Milo has just asked me to wear his class ring.

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That damn Milo!

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I’m sure it is just paranoia.

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