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How do i prevent ingrown hairs?

Asked by jividenm (168points) November 5th, 2008
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Scrub well.

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Don’t shave.

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Exfoliate. Use a good-not dull- razor. Go with the hair growth.

There’s also something called Tend Skin that works pretty well.

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i cant just not shave! lol! i do try to scub well, and i use exfoliating body wash, but i still get them :(

thanks guys!

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I saw something in the black skin care section… I don’t remember what it’s called. But if you happen to have a section like that in your HBA or pharmacy, check there. Ingrown hairs are particularly common in black mens’ beards.

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jivi I really wasn’t kidding. Don’t shave. As frequently. And (presuming you are female) shave down….as in from your knees to your ankles. Not as close of a shave, but it helps.

Save the sleek shave for special occasions.

Additionally, if you can afford waxing, try that. If you have ever shaved your bikini line and then waxed you know what I am talking about. I don’t recommend self waxing, however. No, no, no. Trust me. Personal experience.

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ive waxed my own arms before. that wasn’t to bad. but it was messy. i just have really thick hair. its hard for me not to shave. i probably shave my legs every other day. do you think thats the problem?

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Like the cartoons in the commercials….the razor pulls the hair up and out for the cut….this is what gives that sleek feeling. The remaining hair shaft sinks back under the skin…again, giving you that slick feeling. If any particular hair gets caught or twisted growing out….BAM. Ingrown hair.

Only you can decide how often you need to shave. For me? It is as infrequently in as possible. And in the winter, it could be a loooooong time.

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i wish i had your confidence.

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Marriage and long pants helps.

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im working on the marriage part ;)

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Never have kids and raise them in the house because the minute you die they become the ingrown heirs.

mea culpa

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@Snoopy: I’m with you girl! In the winter, I only shave my legs for special occasions. The hair on my legs is very pale blond, and fairly soft so it’s not too bad. Luckily, hubby (and ex before him) doesn’t seem to mind : )

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ugh, i would do terrible things for blond leg hair!

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I have to admit, it is nice…though I still get ingrown hairs!

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You CAN not shave. I’m a woman; I don’t shave. Haven’t shaved in over ten years. But witch hazel can help – sometimes inflammation leads to even more inflammation and witch hazel will both clean and comfort.

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i just want smooth legs :( with no bumps! :(

can i buy that anywhere?
sounds dangerous :)

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Laser hair removal might work for you. So far, it is not an option for me, because it doesn’t work on blond hair!

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yeah, laser, then. no point suffering. i stopped shaving because i got ingrown hairs. and now I save a noticeable amount time and money and suffering not shaving so might as well laser (not that i haven’t thought about it…), but I’ve grown to like my fur and hair. If you don’t shave your thighs, or stop, the hair there is not noticeable, really, tho. and if you keep most of your pubic hair, you don’t have wear underwear – a lot of savings in underwear but you do have to wash your pants more. Shaving is just not good for your skin.

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yea, i hate shaving. but i hate hair more.

so im doomed to ingrown hairs till i can afford laser treatments i guess :(

sad day.

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guess so. or you could get a care credit and a doc that waves the interest for the first year and a half, and pay, like, 50$ a month for the next 16 months, pure payment plan interest free.

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yeah, the trick is finding a doc that does the interest free thing and having a good enough credit rating to qualify for it! shouldn’t be too hard tho. Beats shaving! and over the years you will save the money.

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