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What do you think about regression therapy?

Asked by Evol (84points) November 5th, 2008

has anyone ever tried this? What did you think? Did you feel kind of silly? did it help? or hypnosis?

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I had theraputic hypnosis, one time. It was nothing like I expected it to be. I felt in total control the entire time, leading me to believe I wasn’t even hyptonized. However, a very important realization came out of it, so I now believe I was and that it helped immensely.

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A: TY for your response! For me, it was the only time i had left a therapists office feeling like i had less problems than when i went in LOL (did it 2x before for @6mos in hs and college, talk therapy type)

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I didn’t feel like I had fewer problems, but like I had finally figured out what the real problem was (not a repressed memory or anthing dramatic like that, just misplaced anger). Once I finally had that insight, working on the problem(s) became much more effective!

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Yes, I would agree

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Hypnosis FTW, I too have done that. :)

I think regression therapy is a bit silly though, then again I’ve never tried it. The only way you could know if it would help you though is to try in a safe and comfortable way with someone you trust very much. If you’re asking because you’re considering it, I wish you the best of luck.

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The mind does most of its thinking “underground.” It’s possible that much of the time, what comes up in a regression session is manufactured on the spot as a response to suggestion. There are many cases where “repressed memories” where in fact completely made up and utterly fictional. However, the content of these untrue memories can still serve as a window into the psyche of the person making them.

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What is regressive therapy? I am guessing it is something to do with being made to feel, speak and act in a younger version of yourself? Is it a flashback from the past or you as an observer but in a childmind in the present?

I would be concerned about the mental strength of a person going through some kind of deep mind bending process. I am assuming they would have to be quite consolidated otherwise could a person ‘loose their mind’ so to speak?

In the past when very unwell I have experienced regression through triggers which have frightend me to the extent I have reverted to a childlike state. I would say that I am most unwell when I am able to regress to that point. Therefore I wonder how it can work in a positive way – is it not more appropriate to access the adult parts of a persons self to enable them to focus and cope now?

These are questions – in no way criticism. I genuinly am not sure where I stand on the idea of regressive therapy as I dont feel informed enough. But your question did make me wonder about the above questions and things.

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As I understand it, regression therapy is light hypnosis where you access deep memories that you have, but aren’t aware that you have, in order to let go of old emotions that are holding you back, and in order to gain insight about where your anger, sadness, etc, is really coming from. You could say you go back there with the help of a trained therapist so that you can process those feelings and you won’t have a trigger in everyday life send you back.

I mostly talk with my regression therapist, but the times when I have “gone back” have been tremendously helpful. Just by working through it with guidance i really felt i was able to “let go” and process emotions from way back when that were holding me back. My early childhood was pretty difficult. The theory is that you remember everything, your mind records everything. And even things you actively remember – i was assaulted (thankfully not sexually) when i was 13 and just going back there in a safe place really helped me to let go of the deep fear that caused (it happened in a crowd of people and NO ONE helped).

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