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I like to go out to hear live music, but often enough, my friends are not interested in going with me. Sometimes, I go alone, but I end up feeling a bit lonely, depending on the setting. Any advice for how I can make these experiences more enjoyable?

Asked by answerjill (6170points) November 6th, 2008

I am not sure exactly what kind of advice I am looking for here. Feel free to be creative and even off-the-wall.

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make friends while youre at the shows! the other people attending probably have a lot in common with you.

& you could always take your mom ;)

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Elchoopanebre: ha ha. Too bad one of my favorite venues is “dry.”

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Buy a cheap video camera. I bought the Flip Ultra. I go to shows by myself all the time and record them and put them on youtube. I’m am providing a service and I don’t feel so bad about going alone.

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Now I want one of those!
(Even though I just answered the question about ‘less beingmore’ and said too much stuff is bad).

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But seriously, I would advise going to events that make it possible to meet people. It may just be as simple as striking up a conversation while you’re at a concert. If you make a new friend, then you’ll have a friend who will go to live music with you!

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They are awesome. I use it all the time to take a quick video. It is awesome to always have a video camera in my pocket. And it was super cheap.

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Try to go to shows with local bands, then go meet with them (trust me, they love to talk to fans). Once you’re “in” with a band, then the friends will come to you ;-)

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Local bands is a great idea. That way you can meet and maybe even hang out with them. I play in a local/regional band and we LOVE talking to the people who come. There is a girl named Kate who almost always has to come alone because her friends are grounded or something, and we enjoy talking to her. Now, we keep up on Myspace almost weekly.

What kind of shows (examples of bands, etc.) are you going to already? That would help us answer.

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God, I love this question.

I know exactly how you feel. My best friends (who I love to death) do not understand my musical taste. I used to feel great disappointment when my friends would back out on me, or when I couldn’t find a companion to see shows with. Going alone turned out awkward. I’m not the kind of person to strike up a conversation with a random person. Too often, I’d end up not going at all.

Lately, I’ve been taking my camcorder along, as JP had suggested. I always feel comfortable with a camera in front of me. You have something to focus on other than the vast amount of people in the crowd. It helps you make connections, too – I’ve had several musicians and other performers (local ones) ask me for footage. If you deliver, they usually will give recognition. Also, it’s a great conversation starter, so you have a launching point for friendships with other music-lovers.

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there’s a special social site on the net somewhere called eventful or something else that you can connect with people on the same interests and go out together, sorry don’t really know the specifics, I think it’s called ‘eventful’ or something else.

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@seVen – Yup, I believe iLike has a similar ability (at least, the Facebook app does). GA!

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I have a weird habit that tends to get me into conversations with people. I have 3×5 note cards everywhere I go in my purse or pocket. If there’s a song I know I want to remember to check out because I think I’ve heard it before or if I hear someone mention a book I think I’d be interested in or a restaurant I’d like to try or a new beer or wine I tried while I was out – then I’ll write it down. I do the sort and research later when I’m home.

It’s a great memory aid for anywhere I go, but I’ve noticed if I’m at a show by myself there’s usually someone who’ll ask about it. Then we end up in a short discussion about “Is that actually an old cover of so-n-so?” which can often lead to talk of this band, the other band, other bands you’ve both seen live, who else you might like in town, venues, etc. And sometimes you’ll see the same folks at other shows.

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post on craigslist for a concert buddy :)

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Smoke weed! Also, no venue is ever dry if you show up kind of buzzed!

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jess – ha ha!

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