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What should i get my future inlaws for christmas?

Asked by jividenm (168points) November 6th, 2008

they are unfashionable, conservative, and tacky. HELPPP!

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If they like wine, a nice bottle of wine.

If they drink liquor, a nice bottle of whatever they like the best.

If they are dry, you’re on your own :)

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what if they drink bud heavy? i cant really show up to christmas with a 12 pack…. lol

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I was hoping that if they drank beer they also had a liquor preference. Because a nice beer can be a good gift, but I was guessing from your description that they weren’t beer snobs.

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You can always go safe and send them a huge poinsettia, a gift basket, something like that.

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yeah a poinsettia sounds good.
maybe a small Santa figure?

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Or some nice ornaments. Get the Hallmark 2008 ones?

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Good steaks.

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Cookies, chocolates and wine

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ooo i should make them an ornament!

i bet they would love that!

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get them an audio Bible or a dvd Bible
one of the best audio Bibles are “The Bible Experience” TNIV version with beautiful background sounds and character voices.
Or get a Bible on DVD KJV version “The Voice of The Bible” narrated by Alexander Scourby.

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Almost anything from here would work.
This is my ‘go to’ place when I don’t know someone well enough or I just can’t come up with anything. The pears are awesome!

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Conservative, huh? They Republican? Get them an Obama mug. Just to see their reactions.

Seriously, though… You can’t go wrong with some good food. Wine, steak, chocolate, lobster, whatever. A pointsetta is good, too. Basically, get something that, if they don’t like it, it will be gone within a couple of months anyhow.

Alternatively, if you know (or your future spouse knows) what they’re lacking around the house, then buying that for them could be considered a lifesaver. Do they need/want a waffle maker? Go with that! Is their coffee machine broken?

Go with the practical items. That way you’re not contributing to the tackiness.

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Bake something!
Or take flowers – the poinsettias are a good idea.
Once my boyfriend took some spices & marinades to my dad & he loved it! Maybe something like that for the pops & a cooking something or another for the mom? You can’t go wrong with that or a nice candle, lotion set, etc.

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