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For those affected by menpause, are there any good home remedies for the symptoms?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) November 6th, 2008 from iPhone

just hoping that something simple will make all the discomfort go away.

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Well, for me, men-pause has always made discomfort go away all by itself. Relief? I spell it “no more men for a little while for me, thanks.”

Sorry to poke fun. Couldn’t help it.

Menopause: heat, someone being very kind to you and giving you credit for bearing up,
tea, Scotch with lemon and sugar, and, yes, time. It’s a bear. Oh, and cold washcloths on the back of your neck.

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And for hot flashes, a little, collapsable, portable battery-operated fan. You keep it in your purse and use instead of flapping a menu, program or wine list.

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