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Has anyone been in devoid of human contact?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) August 20th, 2007 from iPhone

I just read into the wild, the chris mccandless story, I've often thought about what it would be like to go an extended period (1 week or more) without any contact except nature. Anyone experienced it?

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nope but i would love to live a holden caulfield's utopian life alone in the mountains

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how long do you think could live without contact, before mental changes took hold...

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howwy mandel (deal or no deal host) is a germ a fobic. thats why he hates touching people so he pounds hands.. never shakes hands.. he tells all of his contestants to not shake his hand.. but anyways he dosent make any contact with people..

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when I said no contact I meant no humans around to communicate with just you and nature

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4 or 5 days without contact and I would imagine that most people will fire up some pretty good conversations with themselves. I would expect it to become more severe after time.


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The first time i went to Madagascar in 2003 I knew nobody, didn't speak the language, and was living in a village of 5 families. I was 8 hours away from the closest town and was living in a hut on the edge of a rainforest. Essentially I was alone with nature, as each day I was doing behavioral research on animals in the forest. Sure, there were a few people around me, but when there is such a huge language barrier, you either gesticulate a lot or you keep pretty quiet and pretty much to yourself. I've spent about 12 months in that rainforest since 2003 - since then I've learned the language, but living in a hut by myself for months at a time with no electricity or running water with minimal contact with others is as close as I've ever come to what you are describing. And sure enough, I did read Into the Wild while I was up there several years ago.

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During a period in my life in which I was having a bad time, I decided I didn't want to deal with anyone or anything. I stocked up my apartment and didn't leave for almost a month. I didn't turn on the TV or stereo. I didn't have a computer. I let all phone calls go to my answering machine, and only returned two or three to my mother so she wouldn't worry. In some regards, it was one of the best times in my life. I did some thinking and learning about myself, more than I've ever done before or since. I realized some huge mistakes I was making in where my life was headed. My acting improved tremendously after this, as I learned to tap in where my thoughts were actually coming from, rather than where I thought they were coming from. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but I can't describe it any better. I did find myself talking to myself a lot, it rose to the point I was narrating my activities to myself. I stopped when I realized this was starting to cease to be a voluntary activity on my part, that I was starting to prefer my own company to others, and that this was starting to become irreversible. I am a lot more comfortable now, as I know myself better and know I am fine alone with myself, but I don't recommend it for a long period of time for anyone, and although I would be OK with it, I don't see it as a preferential option for myself.

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I tring to decide if I want to head to Colorado and disappear in the mountains for a week with no contact whatsoever just me, my tent, and the stars... It seems like it would be extremely lonely yet fulfilling?

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ohh, sorry i misunder stood you. in THAT case..

i would take off all my cloths and start to act like a monkey. hahaha

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awesome, when in nature...:)

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I live like that on most weekends and it's good for clearing the head but a little lonely.
I'm saturated with people contact during the week so it's a balancing act for me. I did spend a whole week alone last year and the mini-trips to the grocery store were a relief due to conversation with my favorite clerk there. People give you an energy nature can't provide. It might seem easier being alone but it's harder, really, you get too much into yourself, the conversation gets repetitive! I also spent a week alone in Hawaii once. That was fantastic! I took a lot of photos and walks, collecting pretty little things on the beach. There were a few people around though I didn't interact, all couples.

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