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Any cute date ideas?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) November 6th, 2008

What are some of your favorite fall and winter date activities?

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ice skating is nice.

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Enjoying a meal at panera and watching a movie.

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I’m going to make sure that I get outside in 3 pairs of sweat pants like when I was 8 and go sledding. Then I’m going to come home and drink some hot cocoa with marshmallows.

I’m also planning on learning to ski at Mohonk in New York. I have absolutely no balance and plan on falling a lot.

That’s some good fun.

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a walk through the park on a brisk day.

curling up by the fireplace.

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I second a walk through the park, but end it with a thermos of hot cocoa.

Make and test glove warmers (but ultimately agree that holding hands in someone’s pocket works best).

Ice skating.

Curling up at home with a movie, popcorn, and a glass of wine.

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Drive up to the mountains and play in the snow. Bring a thermos of soup and cocoa.

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i’m from northern Ohio. i’m lucky if i see a hill… lol!

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Gingerbread house decorating
Pumpkin carving (a little late for that, but you did say fall and winter)
The Nutcracker ballet and dinner
Ice skating, sledding, skiiing, snow angel-making,(fill in your favorite snow activity here)
Baking together (holiday cookies/pies)
Board games (my favorite two-person, easy-to-play game is Travel Blokus. look it up.)
Film Festival (make a list of three or four movies you always wanted to see but haven’t and make a day of it)

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