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Anyone Else Think A&E is the Most Worthless Station on TV?

Asked by Lazario (97points) November 7th, 2008

I am so damn sick of the freaking Sopranos. And that awful reality show, Intervention just makes me hate humanity. Their reality shows are by and large completely worthless. And their acquired TV shows stink. And now we have CourtTV, so we don’t need their legal shows anymore, Biography Channel takes care of the best program they ever had. There’s nothing worth watching on that station whatsoever anymore. I just see the logo now and want to vomit. What do you all think?

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murder documentaries and the first 48 is good intervention is good when you’re in rehab but that’s all I can think of on a&e court tv isn’t that truetv now? Or insession?

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What ever channel is keeping those reality shows like Keeping Up With the Khardashians(sp?), The Girls Next Door, and all of the shows like that is the one I hate the most. If that is A&E, then yes, I agree.

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Holy crap I whole-heartedly take back my last statement. In truth, I despise every that is and always will be MTV.

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no that’s E! Kardashians…I agree though all of these nobodies have fame it’s ridiculous

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Mtv used to be great in the 1990’s and I personally think Spyder Games was better than any soap opera to ever come out. As for E!, they have The Soup and Chelsea Lately. They redeem that channel, although yeah Girls Next Door is one of the greatest TV crimes of the past 5 years. A&E does not have The Soup or Chelsea though. So they can bite the big weenie.

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Too many channels are useless, if you ask me. Not even worth listing them.

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Yes, MTV used to be “decent”, but not in a long time. Now its littered with whiney-ass prep bitches and talentless fuck ups. It makes me cringe that this is how my generation will most likely be remembered.

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How old are you?

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No, no, the worst is the channel “for women”, Lifetime. We call it suicide central (all of the made-for-tv movies are about being raped, being abused, being kidnapped, being widowed, and so on and on…)

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I still think A&E is worse. Lifetime had The Nanny (probably still does), had Reba (not the worst show, I started getting into it), and every now and then, Molly Shannon’s on there. She’s always fun.

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@ Lazario, 18.

@syz, Yeah, I have to admit, Lifetime seems to make a killing on setting fear in the hearts of housewives.

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I’m in my mid-20’s, so my generation looks great compared to yours (sorry). I get what you’re saying about Lifetime, but that one with Mercedes Ruhl as a woman who went to jail because of her husband sent a very important message to us about Reagen’s “War on Drugs.” Before that movie, I honestly was in support of that, because I didn’t know what the hell was actually going on. And heck, they’re mostly known among the people I know for being the “official” channel of the Golden Girls. And conservatives don’t like that show because of it’s gay friendly appeal and Dorothy’s intelligent liberal arguments. And anything that conservatives don’t like is GOOD by me.

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No, I like the A&E “masterpieces” like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. I also liked their mid-90s daytime programming that was, like, Murder She Wrote and stuff.

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Oh, I love Murder She Wrote too. But they only play that on Hallmark or Biography now. So, A&E has abandoned it. And those TV series you’re talking about, those are from long ago. The channel doesn’t show anything redeeming anymore.

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I think the title of “most worthless tv station” goes to MTV.

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Darn I keep forgetting about them.
Okay, you win.

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They have these funny little buttons on most remotes that say channel up or channel down, and also the ‘off’ button….

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@Lazario: If you’re in your mid twenties and EnzoX24 is 18, you’re the same generation. A generation is roughly 25 years. so people reaching 50 are from the generation before you, and people being born constitute the generation behind you.

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I like the show Intervention. If you have ever had someone in your life with an addictive personality, it really shows how low they can get if not stopped.

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I haven’t watched A&E in the longest time so I don’t have an informed opinion on that but when I do watch television and I want something decent to watch, I will turn on some programs like Discovery, TLC, Biography, PBS, and the History Channel.

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Isn’t Mad Men on A&E? And didn’t they just win some big award….what was it? Was it an Emmy for Best Drama? I forget….

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@Blue: Have you seen the crap the History Channel is putting on these days? They still have many worth while shows on, but I think “Monster Quest” and “Modern Marvels (the history of bread!)” have no place on this channel. They’re selling out, right in front of our eyes!

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Yes, it’s true that even some of my favorite shows have gone downhill somewhat like you mentioned, augustian. It’s a shame too because these same shows have the potential for so much intelligent and educational programming.

Sometimes you just have to be really choosy about what material you want to watch and other times you just have to blow it off altogether due to poor subjects. And it shouldn’t have to be this way either if they would just be more comprehensive in their efforts to find and present more appealing topics.

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@Breedmitch – okay, I don’t know if I said it’s different generations (that’s a word I rarely use: generation).

@Scamp – go stick your head in a running washing-machine. We’ll wait. Right here, for you. Record your discoveries in detail and post them somewhere people care.

@EmilyNathon – that’s AMC who have Mad Men. Not A&E. Gosh, I’d never blast a channel that had a show like Mad Men on it!

Right now it’s just a tie of garbage between A&E and Mtv.

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