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Where can I go to print signs?

Asked by xgunther (446points) November 7th, 2008

I have made some awesome picketing sign designs on photoshop. What’s my next step?

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Are you a student? If so, your school may have a plotter, which prints out humongous images. These are usually used by architecture students, but the ones at my school were open to everyone. It only cost 3 bucks to print a giant poster.

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Kinko’s where you’ll learn about resolution, image quality, and file sizes.

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Ygr coolest thing about Kinko’s is that you can find out the email pd the location closest to you and email everything you want including the specs and then pick it up when you’re ready. When I worked at a store and I had to make my own signs they even had a courrier bring it out to me. That’s what I call service.

ThePurpleKnight's avatar has a lot of design your own stuff, but it specializes in signs so that could be a good option.

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