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Why are rainbows curved?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) August 21st, 2007

Why not square?

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Great question..I believe it is the atmosphere...the view from where we are standing looking up that makes it curved.

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They are curved so you can slide down them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! :-)

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Haha! Hilarious! :-)

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It's due to the way light passes through the drops of moisture in the atmosphere.

Someone once told me they saw a rainbow from an airplane and it was a complete circle.

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That shoul'd have been an awsome view...

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May we all be so fortunate, but that means you would have to have a window seat!!

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Rainbows are perfect circles.
The half circle is an optical illusion created by the horizon.

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Rainbows are formed by the refraction of light. The most commonly mentioned of angle is 42.5 degrees. Since this is dependent upon your position, the reflection is perceived to be a circle around a spot directly in front of you. If the horizon blocks part of the circle, you see only the bow.

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